Visiting a Saree Boutique in Kolkata

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Selecting a perfect outfit for the wedding is the most challenging and difficult especially for the brides. A lot of time is really consumed in this entire process as most of the females will conduct a proper research on the latest and current trends of fashion. Most of the modern days brides prefer to wear a lehenga but the tradition Indian wedding attire are the saris which are being adorned from the earlier times. The advantage with saree is that you can wear it in various styles according to your desire and outlook. You can also experiment with the drape and get the saree designed and make it look gorgeous and stunning.

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While selecting the saree for your wedding the most vital parameters taken into consideration are its fabric, color, design and then the price of the outfit. The best method of choosing the best designer saree would be to try out different designs and also experiment with the drapes. You have to look elegant and should feel comfortable as well. In the earlier days red and pink were the most common colors for the wedding saree but today some other different colors such as cream, orange and shades of blue are also being used for the costume designers. So when you are visiting the Saree Boutique in Kolkata, you should have a clear cut mind regarding what colors or designs do you want. It will save a lot of time and selection will be much easier.

Some of the brides choose the color of the outfit according to their color of the skin. If they are fair skinned, then it is better to go for colors like cream and pink. However, if you are not accustomed to wearing a saree you must look for semi stitched saree. It is easy to wear and handle these kinds of saree as you do not have to set the pleats. They are stitched together and you only have to tuck it properly. Nowadays the lehenga cum saree has become much popular and this attire has gained much demand in the market. They do not have any pleats at all and are worn in a saree style. They are easy to wear and very comfortable too.

The wedding saree should be selected in accordance with the choice of the drape. If you are choosing a special drape you need to select the saree according to it. For instance, in the Bengali wedding the brides basically opt for the Kanjeevaram silk saree or a stiff fabric to match with the drape. It is better to avoid georgette or crepe as it would not give a proper outlook. On the other hand, some drapes need longer saris. You also should look for the embroidery work, bead and the zardosi work when you are purchasing the saree for the wedding purpose. The Indian designers have really come up with wide range of exclusive styles for the brides. But you have to select the best boutique so that you can get your money’s worth.

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Visiting a Saree Boutique in Kolkata, Seekyt
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