Visiting music festival abroad

Visiting international music festivals abroad is getting more and more popular among young people of present day generation. It can be a festival held in a neghbouring country or many –many miles away from your home. It is a great experience and opportunity to see new places and meet new people while listening to your favourite music. But if you want your trip abroad to make great, you need to start planning not a week before music festival. Here are some things that you need to take into consideration:

  • Some music festivals are paid or, to be more precise, there is a certain fee paid for registration. In such a way the organizers of the event cover expenses spent on arranging the event and get the possibility to calculate the approximate amount of people who are going to visit the festival.
  • If music festival that you are going to visit is a popular and well known event all over the world, it is better to register a couple of months in advance – as soon as the registration begins.
  • The same should be done in regard to hotel and transfer. If you want to get tickets at a good price, and it matters for you where to sleep and in what kind of district, take care of all these things in advance too. All good accommodation variants will get booked as soon as possible. You should check not only hotel options but also rental apartments. There are plenty of web sites where you can book a good apartment in the centre of the city or closer to the place where music festival is held. Do not forget about transfer options. “How to get to the hotel from the airport ?” is the first question you will ask after landing. You can find a free taxi car upon arrival or you can take care of this issue beforehand and order a taxi using services of firms like and the driver will e waiting for you with your name indicated on a nameplate.
  • Do not drink too much. Alcohol is “an integral” part of events like this but do not drink too much in order to avoid troubles in a foreign country. First, you may get in trouble with local people, second, you may get in trouble with local police , or even get robbed.
  • Travel light and save money. Do not take too much clothes and other stuff with you, especially if you are flying. You will not have to pay extra for your bag in case of excessive weight, and you will not have to carry a heavy bag.
  • Last but not least – travel with a friend. Music festival is the place of extraordinary events. It is better to have someone you know well enough with you, and to stay in touch with your family members.
  • Stay positive and enthusiastic anyway. You need to e prepared and ready for extraordinary situations but it does not mean you have to be scared. No. Stay positive about new experiences and possibilities and you will get as much as possible.