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Visiting the Aquariums and Marine Habitats at Atlantis Resort

Piranhas in Paradise and Other Fun Fish at Atlantis Bahamas

The commercial flashes on the television with the dolphins jumping in front of the instantly recognizable coral hues of Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. You close your eyes and dream of lying by the pool and sipping a pina colada. Or if you are more adventurous, maybe you picture yourself flying down the Leap of Faith waterslide. But when you finally make it to Atlantis, don’t miss the amazing marine life exhibits, including the Predator Lagoon, Stingray Lagoon and the aquarium at the Dig.

Everything is so over-the-top and amazing at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas that it is easy to overlook the fact that their marine life exhibits would make an amazing stand-alone aquarium stateside. Atlantis marine habitats include 14 lagoons, 50,000 marine animals (representing over 250 species) and a whopping eight million gallons of salt water.

The Dig

The Dig at Atlantis Resort

The Dig is a collection of tanks presented together with a unifying story related to the Lost City of Atlantis. Kids and adults alike will enjoy viewing the “artifacts” from the mythical Atlantis and walking through the underground tunnel that is flanked by the giant aquariums. The Dig exhibits include eight animal-specific exhibits. At the Lobster Exhibit, it is fun to watch the large spiny lobster crawl around on their long, jointed legs. Visitors can safely watch the beautiful but poisonous lionfish swim through the waters at the Lionfish Exhibit. The Jewel Tank Exhibit houses beautiful and colorful Caribbean fish. The giant groupers in the Grouper Exhibit may not be beautiful, but their sheer size (they can grow up to eight feet in length) is stunning. Small fans of the Pixar movie Finding Nemo will delight in the Clownfish, Seahorse and Jellyfish Exhibits. And for those who like predators and marine animals that like to feast on flesh, don’t miss the Moray Eel and Piranha Exhibits.

Ruins Lagoon

This exhibit is also viewable from the Dig. The 2.7 million gallons of salt water is home to many rare species of sharks and rays, as well as many colorful fish. Watching the giant rays “fly” through the water is a sight to behold. For those with a sense of adventure and some cash to spend, consider the “Snorkel the Ruins” option. More information and booking for this program is available at www.atlantis.com.

Predator Lagoon and Mayan Temple Shark Habitat

Two of Atlantis’ signature waterslides pass through the Mayan Temple Shark Habitat. After the sheer drop of the Leap of Faith slide, you shoot through the shark pool in a clear plastic tunnel. Don’t blink or you might miss seeing the sharks – that is if you even opened your eyes after the slide. Another Aquaventure ride, The Serpent Slide, also travels through the shark pool, but at a more leisurely pace, giving you time to look at the magnificent predators swimming just feet away from you. For the truly adventurous, a Shark Habitat program called “Walk with the Sharks” is available in which guests can don an underwater helmet and walk through the exhibit with a guide.

Predator Lagoon at the Mayan Temple - Atlantis Bahamas

One of Atlantis Resort’s most stunning marine exhibits comes at a high price – you have to plunge down the dark depths of the Abyss waterslide in order to view its wonders. Those who willingly throw themselves down the pitch black slide are rewarded with a view of alligator gar, redtail catfish and pacu in the grotto where the slide lets out. Don’t hurry on to the next slide yet – linger a bit and appreciate the caverns.

Seagrapes Lagoon

Nothing screams tropical like the gorgeous blue and yellow parrotfish. The Seagrapes Lagoon hosts two types of parrotfish alongside Queen Angelfish, Butterflyfish and Squirrelfish. This 500,000 gallon exhibit presents these colorful Caribbean fish alongside stingrays. At certain times of the day, visitors can watch the rays be fed by hand.

Stingray Lagoon

Stingray Lagoon is home to both stingrays and cownosed rays. This exhibit is just outside the Beach Towers at the Atlantis Resort. If you have ever dreamed of touching and feeding these elegant swimmers, you can experience that thrill at specific feeding times. Listen to the employees though – these stingrays still have their barbs!

Royal Ray Lagoon

If you haven’t gotten your fill of rays yet, amble over to the Royal Ray Lagoon. Here you will find White-Spotted Eagle Rays gliding elegantly alongside their cousins the Southern Stingrays. You will also see black-tipped reef sharks swimming with these rays.

There are a few additional lagoons scattered over the property. Because admission to the marine habitats is free for Atlantis’ hotel and timeshare guests, you can explore casually over the course of your visit to Paradise Island. Don’t get too busy rolling the dice in the casino or soaking up the rays by the pool to miss the spectacular variety and diversity of the marine habitats at Atlantis Bahamas.

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