Vitamin E in Coconut Oil

Vitamin E in Coconut Oil: Health Benefits One Can Gain

Vitamin E in coconut oil is very beneficial in many aspects. It is widely known that coconut oil is used in various methods like culinary arts. It is also a common component of most personal care products such as lotions, shampoos and creams. Being an affordable product of nature, more and more individuals are gaining interest in coconut oil. But, what exactly does coconut oil do specifically its vitamin E components? To answer this question, here are the health benefits you can gain by using vitamin E found in coconut oil.

As an anti-oxidant

Vitamin E is a widely known anti-oxidant. But, what does an anti-oxidant do? Basically vitamin E in coconut oil helps fight free radicals such as carbon dioxide and other oxide based chemicals. Free radicals commonly found in today’s polluted air causes rapid aging. This is primarily because oxidation process will result to cell dehydration causing wrinkles and other aging signs and symptoms. Furthermore there are studies that scientifically connect free radicals to cancer. These free radicals can mutate healthy cells into cancer cells. Although mutation process has 4 stages and can take years to develop, without preventive measures possibilities of developing cancer is high.

Being an anti-oxidant, vitamin E stops the oxidation process. Thus a daily dose of anti-oxidants found in various fruits and vegetable including coconut oil is imperative. This will not only fight cancer development but delay the aging process as well.

As a skin care product

Another benefit of vitamin E in coconut oil is regards to skin care treatments. Vitamin E’s moisturizing properties is not the only reason why it is good for the skin. It is also recommended in the treatment of scars, wounds and other skin problems.

There are studies that prove the effect of vitamin E to heal acne, eczema, scars and sun burns. Most of its healing capabilities are in connection to its moisturizing and anti-oxidant effects. Nonetheless if you want healthy looking skin coconut oil is the best natural product you can opt for.


There are other studies conducted relating vitamin E in preventing heart problems, stimulating hair growth and improving cognitive functions. These benefits are best obtained if coconut oil is taken. This is because vitamin E is not the only component found in coconut oil. Its other constituents such as lauric acid and oleic acid enhance vitamin E’s healing capabilities.

Why opt for coconut oil?

Coconut oil is not only known for its vitamin E component. As mentioned above, there are other constituents found in this oil that brings forth a wide range of health benefits. Increasing your immune system for example is another health benefit coconut oil can provide.

In addition, coconut oil is affordable. Among a variety of supplemental oils available in the market coconut oil ranks among the cheapest. And since it is a multi-functional product you can use it for cooking, oil pulling and hot oil treatments if you prefer. There is absolutely nothing to lose if you use coconut oil as a food supplement or skin regimen. However to obtain the highest possible amount of vitamin E in coconut oil it is best that virgin coconut oil is used or taken either orally or topically.