Vitamix 300 Vs 750: Comparing the PRO 300 & 750 Series

What’s the Difference Between the Vitamix 300 & 750?

Are you interested in buying a premium pro Vitamix blender, specifically either the 300 or 750, however are unsure over their exact differences and ultimately which is the better ‘investment’? If so, this guide will be able to help you out through providing a brief review of each, so you know exactly what each can offer you, as well as highlight the key differences between them and ultimately advise you on which blender is best to get. Let’s compare the Vitamix Pro 300 and 750.

Key Difference: both blenders are next generation Vitamix models, this means they both allow you to vary the speed at which its blending — whereby they are utilizing commercial motors. However, where they differ is that the Pro 750 works primarily works on a pre-set program whereas the Pro 300 is just manual. You will also find the 750 comes with a more powerful motor (find out the details in the reviews below).

Vitamix Pro 300 Blender Review

Available in Onyx or Ruby, this is a truly world class blender — where it is incredibly durable, versatile (where it can produce a range of foods from smoothies to hot soups) and offers sheer power through its 2 hp high efficiency motor. It has also undergone some radical acoustic engineering to be 40% quieter than previous Vitamix blenders.

This pro 300 offers a 64 ounce wet container that is especially designed to be wide profile (to make ‘adding’ ingredients easier, saving you the hassle of preparing them before hand) and offers far better produce than standard blenders in a much shorter time. You are also given the pulse function ‘full variable speed’ so you can control how fast or slow it goes with the dial placed on the front (this gives you an input as to how thick the food you are blending and control over its texture). Also, like with all Vitamix blenders you get a decent cookbook with more than 200 recipes.

Vitamix Pro 750 Blender Review

Now this is Vitamix’s leading blender, it does not get any better than the pro 750, anywhere. Where it differs to the Pro 300 is that it offers pre-set programs for making a range of food types: smoothies, frozen deserts, hot soups, purees etc. It works through automatically adjusting the settings (period of blending time, speed and so on) of the blender to the specific food type you are making (which you select via the dial), so you can sit back wait until its finished and come back. Whereas with the Pro 300 you have to do everything manually (you can do it manually as well with the 750 if you wish), this in turn means the 750 offers you more consistent and usually far better produce — and basically just a lot less effort is involved.

Moreover, it is also the ‘most powerful blender on the market today’ where it is actually commercial standard as it is fitted with a more powerful 2.2 peak horsepower motor. Many of the other aspects remain largely the same though between the Pro 300 and Pro 750, same design * body structure, 64 oz container and so on.

Should You Buy the Vitamix Professional 300 or 750?

There is a price difference of around $150, with the Pro 750 obviously being the more expensive model. It is up to you whether the extra 150 bucks is justified or not, but for me it definitely is (certainly in the long run) given that it just makes ‘life’ that bit easier, given that you can get on with doing something else whilst the Vitamix 750 is getting to work and you don’t have to keep tabs on how long it has been blending for like the Pro 300 or have to be conscious over what speed it is set at for what food type (constantly referring to the recipe book provided).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Vitamix 300 Vs 750 (i.e about any of the blenders specifically) then please make them below & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.