Vitamix 500 Vs 750: Comparing the Pro 500 & 750

Should You Buy the Vitamix Pro 500 or 750?

Are you thinking about investing in a new premium Vitamix blender and aren’t quite decided between the Professional 500 and 750 & are just wanting some clarification over the exact differences between the two and ultimately which is the best one to go for (taking price into consideration etc.)? If so, this comparison guide of the Vitamix 500 Vs 750 will be able to help you out, firstly detailing the significant differences and then providing a clear overview of both in the reviews below and an overall ‘winner’, advising you on which one to go for.

What’s the Difference Between the Vitamix Professional Series 500 and 750?

If you have done any minor research into the two models before reading this comparison you will have realized they are actually quite similar. Both the Pro 500 & 750 offer the two main distinctive features that separate the Vitamix blender range, that being the variable speed monitor and the pre-set programs. The difference though is that the Pro 750 is one of the ‘new generation’ Vitamix blenders, that comes with a range of practical and performance enhancements (which we will explore in detail below) and was made to essentially succeed the old generation Pro 500 model.

Vitamix Pro 500 Blender Review

Before 2012, the Pro 500 was essentially not only the best blender in the Vitamix range, but the best blender around. It features a high performing commercial standard 2 horsepower motor that can perform up to 38,000 revolutions every minute (at a top speed of 240 mph) which is fully variable via the dial (turn it clockwise to increase power and anti to decrease), so you have complete control over the viscosity and texture of the food you are processing.

Moreover, it also offers the pre-set program device (also controlled through the dial) that allows you to essentially turn it to the desired food you want to make and the blender will automatically adjust the blending velocity and time set duration (so you can essentially just walk away and come back) to get an optimal & consistent result.

Vitamix Pro 750 Blender Review

The Pro 750 offers these two distinct features as well. However, has undergone a range of ‘improvements’ and re-configured features, as mentioned above. Firstly, it is much quieter in operation, measured to be by 40% to be exact due to the fitted cavity and acoustic engineering work that went into the updated 750 blender. With this, there is also a stronger cooling airflow that passes over the motor, that means it can go harder and for longer — allowing for an even smoother texture if desired. Moreover, the stainless steel blades are made to be tougher and longer (4 inches as opposed to 3 inches with the Pro 500), this allows for a ‘faster’ blend and often smooth better finished produce.

The main aspect though which Vitamix fans rave about is the subtle variation in the 64 oz container design, it has been made to be shorter but wider (still the same capacity though) and this offers a few unique benefits because you now don’t have to prep ingredients (cut them up to fit them in — saving time), it is easier for the blender to cut up (saving more time) and is just better shaped to store away in kitchen cupboards. Many of the other factors largely remained the same though when you compare the Pro 500 and 750, body design, shape material, identical seven year warranty etc.

Which Should You Get the Professional 500 or 750?

There is only a price difference of around 50 bucks between the Vitamix Pro 500 and Pro 750, so as pointed out with all the extra improvements made with the Vitamix 750 it is clearly the better model and more than justifies the added costs. But which will you buy and why? Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Vitamix 500 Vs 750 then let me know in the comments below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.