Vitamix 750 Vs 7500: Comparing the Pro 750 and 7500

What’s the Difference Between the Vitamix Professional Series 750 and 7500?

Like many, are you a little puzzled over exactly what the difference is between the Vitamix Pro 750 and 7500, I mean they are practically identical, right? Well, yes they are very similar, but there is one major difference that explains the considerate price difference between the two blenders (in favor of the Pro 750) and that is to with the pre-set programs it has installed. Let’s explore in detail the Vitamix 750 Vs 7500 comparison below.

Key Difference: so as said, just above the major variation that you have to be concerned about when choosing to get either the Vitamix 750 or 7500 is whether you want the blender to come with the Vitamix sophisticated pre-set programs or not (the 750 comes with and the 7500 comes without). Note: both blenders also operate through the manual variable speed setting where you can adjust the ‘blending power’ of the 750 & 7500 to have an input on texture of the food you’re making.

So What Exactly are the Pre-Set Programs that Come With the Vitamix Pro 750?

They are installed food programs that are selected via the Pro 750’s dial at the front, whereby the blender will operate at a precise blending velocity for a specific set of time for varying food types (e.g. smoothies, soups and more) in order to produce high quality and consistent goods. It essentially allows you to ‘set n’ forget’ so you can simply walk away and get on with other jobs or things to do, rather than having to look up the precise recipe (in the cookbook, like you would with the 7500), get the right speed and then stay with the Vitamix 7500 until it’s done. As you can see the Pro 750’s ten pre-set programs just make life that bit easier.

Anything else Different Between the Pro 750 and 7500?

In all honesty that is pretty much it. They do come with slightly different cookbooks and accessories, but by no means are they radically or significant different from one another. They also have a slightly varied look to them especially on the front plate, but you can still very much tell both are Vitamix blenders and they are roughly the same convenient compact size (so can be easily stored away in kitchen cupboards).

Everything else is pretty much identical, they are both next generation models (i.e are produced after 2012) meaning they get a range of beneficial improvements from the older blenders (e.g. the 5200, Pro 200 etc.) such as being far quieter in operation, are more powerful due to the improved cooling system in place and are better at ‘blending’ due to the larger stainless steel blades and wider & shorter shaped 64 oz shatter proof containers. Both the Vitamix Pro 750 and 7500 are installed with ultra powerful commercial grade motors, the 7500 is a 2 horsepower and the Pro 750 is slightly more powerful at 2.2 horsepower (so can arguably get a slightly smoother texture some claim, but that is being extremely picky).

Should You Buy the Vitamix Pro 750 or Vitamix 7500?

I suppose the only real difference that hasn’t been mentioned is the price of each. Obviously the Pro 750 because it comes with the extra ‘pre-program features’ is the more expensive blender coming in at around the $650 mark and the Vitamix 7500 (aka as the Pro 300) comes in at around $550 — so as you can see about a 100 bucks difference between the two. But, since investing in a Vitamix is a ‘one in a lifetime thing’ (they really are incredibly durable — coming with a seven year warranty coverage) and all the extra time and effort that will be saved with the Pro 750, this is the model I’d recommend you should go for. It is the ‘better’ mode, but that’s not to take anything away from the 7500 either. Which Vitamix blender will you buy though, the Pro 750 or 7500?