Vitamix Pro 750 Vs 5200: Comparing the 5200 & 750

Should You Buy the Vitamix 5200 or 750?

Are you interested in buying a premium Vitamix blender, however are unsure whether to go for the 5200 or 750, given that you aren’t quite sure on their exact differences and whether the extra cost for the Pro 750 is justified? Well, this comparison guide will be able to help you gain a clear view as to what each appliance has to offer you — through providing reviews of each & highlighting their key differences between the two blenders as well as ultimately which model you should go for (specific to your situation).

What’s the Difference Between the Vitamix 5200 & Pro 750?

The Vitamix 5200 is one of the old ‘standard’ models (pre-2012) and works with a variable speed dial system, however doesn’t offer the pre-set programs. The Vitamix Pro 750 on the other hand is pretty much Vitamix’s elite top-of-the-line blender as it is new generation (so comes along with all the practical improvements) and can operate on the variable speed as well as the pre-set programs. Find out more details in the brief reviews below.
Vitamix 5200 Blender Review

This industry leading blender works on a commercial standard 2 horsepower motor (offering a range between 11 mph to 240 mph) that allows you to vary the speed of the ‘blend’ via the mechanical dial at its front, so you have control over the viscosity and texture of the food you are blending. It comes with the typical large 64 oz container so can you create a pretty large amount of produce in just one session. A very much loved blender, especially given its affordable price (for a Vitamix anyway).

Vitamix Professional 750 Blender Review

Essentially this is Vitamix’s best blender, it has undergone a series of practical upgrades from the 5200 — whereby it has been made to be 40% quieter in operation, has an improved airflow to its motor so can cool down quicker and more effectively & hence can ‘go harder than the 5200’. It is also integrated with a larger 4 inch stainless steel cutting blade, resulting often in a faster blending process as well as a smoother and better finished produce.

Another subtle factor much loved among the new gen vitamix blenders is that the container (still 64 oz) is wider but shorter this affords it many benefits over the standard one as it is easier to throw in ingredients (no pre chop required to fit them in), it allows the blender to ‘get at the ingredients’ better and easier to remove from the container.

Pre-Set Programs

As said above, the Pro 750 also has the ability to operate on the mechanical dial but it also has pre-set programs built in. These are pre-settings calculated by Vitamix for certain food types to get high quality & consistent results. The way it works is Vitamix have calculated the exact blending velocity & precise time duration the Pro 750 has to go for — to get the right consistency and texture for different food types.

Hence, all you have to do is, throw the food into the container, simply turn the dial to either smoothies, hot soups or whatever you are after, then you are free to walk away and the Vitamix will do the rest & it will let you know when its finished. This can’t be done with the Vitamix 5200, you have to stay with it, keep referring to the recipe book as to exactly what speed it should be at, how long it should be in there for and so on.

Which Should You Get the Vitamix Pro 750 or 5200?

So as pointed out the Vitamix pro 750 offers you a better end produce (slightly more powerful motor, more effective in blending), is more practical (due to the pre-set programs) and simply put a better blender (with it being quieter, easier to store away etc.). This being said, the Vitamix 5200 is still a truly excellent blender that will outperform any other non-Vitamix blender with absolute ease, it is just that it is basically being compared with the best blender in the business, the Pro 750.

There is a price difference of around $150 and for me the professional 750 is defintiely worth that extra cost (given that a Vitamix blender investment is a once in a lifetime thing, these appliances really will last you forever), especially if you are going to use it pretty much on a daily basis & will just make it that much easier for you to maintain a healthier lifestyle: saving you more time (faster blending, no need for pre-cutting ingredients every time, easier to get the produce out of the container & obviously the pre-set programs allow you to get on with other tasks if you wanted whilst it is blending away) and offers a generally far superior texture.

But let me know which you choose the Vitamix Pro 750 or 5200 and why? Also, if you have any queries or comments about the contrasting account of the Vitamix 750 Vs 5200 then please them below.