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Vitamix Pro 750 Vs 6300: Comparing the 6300 & 750

What’s the Difference Between the Vitamix 6300 & Pro 750?

Are you debating whether to invest in a Vitamix pro 750 or 6300, however aren’t quite sure on the exact differences between the two and whether extra cash for the Vitamix pro 750 is justified? If so, this review account of the two premium blenders will be able to help you out and provide you with a clear overview of the variations between them and what model we recommend you go for. Let’s go right ahead and compare the Vitamix 6300 and Pro 750.

So as you probably have already worked out the Pro 750 and 6300 both operate with the variable speed dial, where you can simply turn the frontal dial and the blending power will increase (or decrease) allowing you to have control over the texture and viscosity of the food your producing.

Moreover, they both work on the pre-set programs where the blenders have been ‘programmed’ to perform at certain speeds and certain durations of time for certain food produce — allowing you to pretty much turn it on and walk off to do something else (rather than having to be there with it like other Vitamix blenders) as well offer you high quality and consistent produce. These are usually the two main distinguishing factors that separate the Pro 750 and 6300 from other vitamix blenders, so what exactly is different between these two?

Key Differences & Improvements Made in the Vitamix 750

as clarified above although both vitamix blenders offer what many refer to as the main distinguishing features between Vitamix blender models they are still very different from one another. This is because the Vitamix pro 750 is ‘next gen’ and the 6300 is old gen. So before 2012, the Vitamix 6300 was considered the best blender around, however it has undergone a series of improvements with the Pro 750 which is essentially its successor. So let’s explore what improvements have been made from ‘standard’ old generation to new generation.

• The Pro 750 is easier to store away (taking up less space).
• A lot quieter in operation.
• Better motor cooling, allowing the 750 to go ‘harder’ than the 6300.
• Larger & tougher stainless steel blades (4′ with the 750 compared to 3′ with the 6300).
• Wider & more practical container.

In terms of appearance they are still pretty similar, but the Pro 750 is slightly shorter but wider, so more practical for storing in your kitchen cupboards. I think it also exhibits a nicer, smart overall appeal as well but that is more of a subjective matter.

Improvements have been made with regards to the noise levels produced the Professional 750 is 40% quieter than the 6300 with a series of dampeners and cavities installed throughout the 7500 to capture motor noise. Moreover, the Pro 750 also gets a stronger airflow to the motor to cool it down, this means the Pro Series 750 can go that much ‘harder’ than the 6300 to result in a better texture and produce. The 750 also comes with a slightly larger 4 inch stainless steel blade than the 6300 (with a 3 inch one) which means the 750 is a faster processor and often results in a smoother texture (especially with smoothies).

The 64 oz container is also shorter and wider this results in a series of advantages over the older version (still the same capacity). Firstly, there is less prep involved, you don’t need to cut up as many ingredients to fit everything in also it is just a better shape in general for the blender to act within, where everything will get ‘chopped up’ and blended more effectively. It is also ‘practically’ a lot easier to remove the blended food from the container, than the narrower & taller version.
So with regards to ‘which is better’, as you have probably expected from the intro it is clearly the Vitamix Pro 750.

Which Should You Buy the Vitamix Pro Series 750 or 6300?

There is about a $100 or so difference in the price between the pro 750 and 6300 (in favor of the former). But for me, all the extra added benefits (listed just above) that come with the Pro 750 easily justify the extra cost, because you get a more practical and far better blending experience & because you only need to invest in a Vitamix blender once (yes, they really do last that long & come with a 7 year warranty coverage) — that extra 100 bucks won’t seem like much in the end, given that the 750 offers you a better, faster and easier time blending with it (especially if you plan on using it pretty much daily). If you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Vitamix Pro 750 Vs 6300 then please make them in the comments below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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