News Vodafone Becomes the First to Launch Voice-Over-LTE Services in...

Vodafone Becomes the First to Launch Voice-Over-LTE Services in Portugal



Vodafone Becomes the First to Launch Voice-Over-LTE Services in Portugal

Vodafone has become the first telecom operator to set its foot in Portugal for rolling out the Voice over LTE services. The VoLTE services will enable the customers to make calls over the 4G network.

The rolling out of VoLTE will help the customers to experience improved quality of voice calls along with simultaneous 4G data usage, hindering none of them. With this Vodafone has entered the list of top notch European telecom operators who are currently providing the service.

This service will help the customers to make normal calls over Wi-Fi even in the absence of mobile signal. It will enable the customers to make voice calls over 4G Wi-Fi without any extra app. The idea is to make uninterrupted calls in the area where the signal quality is poor or inside heavily insulated buildings. Unlike the 2G or the 3G network that is unable to provide download speed when on a normal call, VoLTE will take care of the problem by providing the same download speed irrespective of the voice calls.

Also the VoLTE customers will be able to use the HD Voice technology that was introduced in 2012. An upgrade of the same technology known as Voice HD+ too will be accessible to the customers. Because of this the customs will have a superior voice quality and will experience less call drops.

For the initial phase, only the customers with phones Microsoft Lumia 640 and Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge but with time all other upgraded smartphones will be able to use the technology.

Vodafone also ensures that this will reduce the call connectivity time. For making a normal call over the Wi-Fi, the receiver is not compelled to be in the Wi-Fi zone but would rather be able to receive the call like any other call. Vodafone has been internally testing the service and will have a trial period for few months, after being commercially launched. The service would be available in all the cities across the country.

The aim of the service is to take a step forward in the calling arena and optimize the future of voice calling as much as possible. As per Vodafone’s spokesperson Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE is the next logical step towards voice calling.

Vodafone is also reported to offer a $15 Billion bid to buy its contemporary telecom company Sky by the end of 2015 to expand their reach in the Pay-Tv market. For more information about Sky, please contact Sky Helpline at 0844 800 3115.

Vodafone Becomes the First to Launch Voice-Over-LTE Services in Portugal
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