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Volunteering – The Rewards are Priceless

Volunteering is a gift you not only give to someone else, but you also give a gift to yourself. To do something for others is very rewarding. There are many benefits to being a volunteer.

You meet new people. This is a great way to meet new people from different areas around and also different countries.

Be part of the community – You get to meet your neighbors, and you get to help out your community and become part of the community. Small and large communities alike are always looking for people to volunteer. They may need people to clean the park, plant trees, clear sidewalks, volunteer in the library, volunteer in the schools and also in elderly homes.

You would gain new experiences. Being a volunteer will help you to learn new and different things. You would be surprised at what you might learn, from gardening to rebuilding someones home. The experiences are endless and priceless.

Sense of achievement. There is a great feeling you get when you have achieved a goal. To gain a sense of achievement while volunteering is like double dipping. You feel rewarded in that you achieved that goal and you get a great feeling that you have helped someone.

Make life a little easier and happy for someone else. Visiting a nursing home and just chatting with residents can mean the world to someone who has no visitors. Visiting sick children in the hospital can really make their day, especially if you read to them or play a game with them.

Save someones life. That sounds a little drastic, but it is happening all the time. Some volunteers put their lives on the line on a continuous basis. I’m talking about our volunteer emergency personnel. The people who volunteer to be firefighters are the ultimate volunteers. They will risk themselves to help others in their time of need. Being a volunteer firefighter and emergency personnel can be very costly and time consuming, but these volunteers do it and it is very rewarding to them.

Helping those that cannot help themselves. A lot of people sometimes need help doing things for themselves and are extremely grateful for volunteers who come and do things for them.

Donate Blood. There is always a need for blood. When you donate your blood it will go to someone in great need of it. There is always a place in your community or nearby that is looking for people to donate blood.

Walk for a cause. Taking the time to walk for a cause is not only great exercise but it is a real feel good thing. When you participate in these walks, you are helping others. There are walks for all types of charities and organizations.
This is also another way to meet people and maybe find other ways you can volunteer.

Good for your health. Being a volunteer can help a lot with your own health. Not only does it relieve stress, but it also gets your body moving. When you are concentrating on helping others, you are less likely to be stressing over your own issues. Not only that, when helping others you can put some of your stress issues in perspective, maybe your issues aren’t so bad after all.

Volunteers come in different shapes, sizes and ages. There are no requirements to being a volunteer. No matter what your likes and interests are, there is always a way to volunteer your time and effort. Whether you like to work with children, senior citizens , animals, in libraries or hospitals, there is always a way to volunteer.

You don’t need to be part of a group to do volunteer work. There are plenty of places where you can volunteer your services or just help someone out. To volunteer means you donate your time and energy to helping someone out.

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