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Volunteer work is a rewarding experience that may last you for an entire lifetime.

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As a child I volunteered at a homeless shelter in ‘San Francisco’ and shed real tears while serving my newly-found friends some food to satisfy their insatiable appetites.

As a teen I volunteered at a ‘Radio Shack.’ I moved boxes and answered the telephone there. I was rewarded with free computer accessories to repair my PC at home. I volunteered at a retirement home while away. I had met a wise old man there that instilled into me lessons of life. I became more precocious than ever. I also volunteered at the ‘United States Postal Service.’ I sealed envelopes and became more familiar with the planet’s geography. My interpersonal skills improved vastly while working with some various postal carriers. I volunteered at the ‘Salvation Army’ by putting clothes on the racks. I also donated my own clothes to the underprivileged.

During my college years, I volunteered at the ‘GoodWill.’ I mopped floors and organized the clothing.

After college, I volunteered at a software start-up to acquire the technical skills necessary to start a business of my own someday.

If your life feels vacuous then I encourage you to do some volunteer work. Volunteering means committing selfless acts there. Don’t expect to be rewarded simply because you show up on the spot. If you do get rewarded then consider yourself blessed.

I still do volunteer when it comes down to the good ole fashioned American car wash. I gather the folks in my neighborhood to wash cars together during the Summertime.

In New York I rake the snow off from the driveways during the Winter.

I love to fix up PC’s for my family and friends. They supply me with their software, and I give them back a working PC, free of any performance issues.

I love to work on cars. I do auto repair for free. I do work on alternators, tires, breaks, and fluid changes.

I taught tennis to both younger and older folks. I teach tennis for the love of the sport.

Giving back to my community is its own reward. Philanthropy involves donating money to some cause without actually getting to know what that cause really is.

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