Vornado 630 or 733 – The Definitive Guide

The following brief account will compare the Vornado 630 or 733 – two popular & well-regarded air circulators from Vornado (fans), highlighting their differences to provide you with a clear idea as to what both can offer you & in turn which is the best-suited air circulator fan for you.

Vornado 630 Overview

Airflow Performance

Described as a ‘mid-size’ air circulator, the 660 is capable of shifting air up to 70 ft (so is intended for small to mid size rooms) — being able to rapidly & evenly reduce room temperatures whilst providing a feeling of general comfort (with the use of its efficient ‘Vortex technology’. It offers three speeds with the highest capable of producing an airflow velocity of 331 CFM & the lowest at 222 CFM.

Speed Settings: 3 (low, med, high) | High Speed RPM: 1600 | Low Speed RPM: 1025

Vornado Design & Practicalities

It takes on a smooth, black & sleek look (fitting in with almost any decor seamlessly)– designed to be either situated on a floor, desk, or work top area. Moreover, the components also makes it incredibly easy to clean (given that many of the components e.g. the grill are easy to remove) as well as being flexible (i.e. multi-directional), so you can direct the air flow at the precise angle you want.

Dimensions: 13.6′ by 8.6′ by 12′ | Weight: 5.84 lbs | Grill: 9.38′ | Control Switch: Mechanical

Features & Settings

The 630 is also proven to be energy efficient and when in operation does so at ‘whisper quiet’ noise levels. In all, a great little fan (whole room vortex circulation) for keeping a room nice and cool without being overbearing.

Rating: 84% from over 200 reviews (sourced: amazon.com) | Warranty: 5 years

Vornado 733 Overview

Airflow Performance

By contrast, the 733 is a ‘large sized’ air circulator and hence is capable of shifting a greater amount of air (up to 583 CFM on its highest speed) and up to a 100 ft (hence is intended for the larger sized rooms) — with ‘Vortex Action’. It still does only operate on 3 speed settings however.

Speed Settings: 3 (low, med, high) | High Speed RPM: 1550 | Low Speed RPM: 900

Vornado Design & Practicalities

Similarly, the 733 comes in black and is designed to appear modern yet minimalist — that offers a sense of practicality given that you can remove the grill and clean pretty much all the fan from that point. Likewise, the 733 is very flexible, given that you can move it both vertically and horizontally (by around 90 degrees each way) so you can achieve your desired air flow trajectory.

Dimensions: 15.25′ by 14.9′ by 14.8′ | Weight: 8.5 lbs | Grill: 12′ | Control Switch: Mechanical

Features & Settings

Moreover, the 733 is actually surprisingly quiet even when its on full max due to the acoustic engineering Vornado have implemented as well as again being classed as ‘energy efficient’.

Rating: 88% from over 150 reviews (sourced: amazon.com) | Warranty: 5 years

The Difference Between the 630 and 733

The only real significant difference between the two is that the 630 is intended for the smaller-to-mid sized rooms (hence is not as powerful) and the 733 is for the larger rooms (therefore capable of generating a more powerful airflow velocity). From this, the 733 is also the larger & heavier model, but the design look & practicality are pretty much identical.

Which Air Circulator Fan Should You Buy the 630 or 733?

It basically depends on where you plan to situate the Vornado — if it is only a small room, then the 630 will do a more than adequate job for you. If however, it is a larger or even mid size room, you will be better off going with the 733.

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