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Vornado VH2 Vs AVH2: Comparing the VH2 and AVH2

VH2 or AVH2 – Which is Best for You?

Here is a short comparison account of two very popular yet quite similar whole room vortex heaters from Vornado — VH2 Vs AVH2 — through providing a brief review of each and then going on to highlight their subtle differences, it will allow you to easily come up with a clear idea as to which heater model is best suited for your home.

Vornado VH2 Overview

Heating Performance

The VH2 is by no means a standard heater (being priced at just $70), it utilizes a unique vortex energy efficient technology to heat your entire room uniformly (as opposed to normal heaters that only heat what’s in front of it & then rising to the ceiling). To select your desired temp, all you have to do is turn the thermostatic dial to your desired level and then the vortex will maintain that temp within about 3 degrees.

High Heat: 120 degrees | Low Heat: 95 degrees

Vornado Design & Practicalities

This vortex action air flow projection technology also makes the VH2 very energy efficient in comparison to your normal ceramic space heater, as it is able to heat up the entire room a lot faster, whereas the traditional versions you need to leave on for longer and hence consume more energy. You will also notice that the VH2 is whisper quiet in operation & is installed with tip over protection (where it will automatically turn itself off) as well as a tight grill to prevent any curious children from touching it & potentially getting hurt.

Dimensions: 12′ x 9.5′ x 11.8′ | Weight: 4.1 lbs | Heat Settings: Low & High

Rating: 64% from over 100 reviews (sourced amazon.com) | Warranty: 5 years

Vornado AVH2 Overview

Heating Performance

The AVH2 is essentially a minor upgrade to the VH2 (hence slightly more expensive at just under $90) and has been featured as one of the top three gadgets to save you money (and more than pay for itself). Like the VH2, the AVH2 uses vortex technology to constantly circulate the warm air through your room as to not leave any ‘blind spots’ & not waste energy creating more heat (certainly unlike most space heaters).

High Heat: 120 degrees | Low Heat: 95 degrees

Vornado Design & Practicalities

Through use of the automatic ‘climate control’ you can change heat temps & fan speed to get just the right set temperature — eliminating the heat level cycles (hot to cold to hot etc.) that occurs with standard models.

Dimensions: 12′ x 9.5′ x 11.8′ | Weight: 4.06 lbs | Heat Settings: Low & High

Rating: 70% from over 250 reviews (sourced amazon.com) | Warranty: 5 years

What’s the Difference Between the VH2 and AVH2?

They are pretty much identical in terms of heating capability and both take on a sleek looking design (being able to easily fit into any house decor) — the only difference is the AVH2 comes with the climate control, so you can pin-point your desired heating level with greater accuracy.Also another slight difference is their finish, the VH2 comes in white and AVH2 in black.

For more information regarding the VH2 and AVH2 go see Vornado.com.

Which Heater Should You Buy the VH2 or AVH2?

With a price difference of around $25, I believe that the extra capability that the AVH2 makes it worth it (as proven & exclaimed in its reviews). However, if you are looking for the value for money factor and are looking for an economical heater — the VH2 makes perfect sense. Which vornado heater will you buy the VH2 or AVH2 & why (let me know in the comments below)?

Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Vornado VH2 Vs AVH2, then please leave them below.

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