Vtech InnoTab Software

The Vtech InnoTab 2 is one of the top selling tablets for children on the market. It is at the top of the holiday top selling list for good reason. There are many great features to be had with this device.

Once you have purchased one of these tablets, you are going to want to get some of the great Vtech InnoTab software that is on the market. There are many great titles to choose from and all of them are great educational fun.

Top InnoTab Software Picks

Brave Vtech Game

This game cartridge is based on the great Disney movie Brave. All of the characters that your children fell in love with on the big screen on in this great pack. Inside the cartridge is learning fun learning games. They focus on math, shape comparisons, and fractions.

The ebook that has a great pop up dictionary that helps your child learn new words as they go through the story is great fun. It retells the story line of the movie Brave. This makes this great for children who have yet to see this Disney favorite.

Penguins of Madagascar Innotab Software

The penguins of Madagascar might have started out as secondary characters in the Madagascar movies but they have now grown a fan base of their own. This includes items like their TV show and this great game.

The 3 learning games for the Penguins of Madagascar will focus on building skills like letters, shapes, and counting. The ebook will tell your children the story of Kowalski inventing a magic helmet that will turn his thoughts into actions.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates InnoTab Game

Who has not dreamt about being a pirate? This great InnoTab game will have your children pretending to be a pirate as they learn about things such classification, reading, logic, and creativity. The built in dictionary with the ebook is great for building on your child’s vocabulary. So purchase this set to have your children sailing off for high adventure while keeping any eye out for Captain Hook.

This is just a small sampling of the many titles that are available for the InnoTab 2. Check out the best selection of InnoTab games on Amazon now for the best deals online. There are so many great games of adventure and learning to be had that you are going to want to make sure to pick up a couple of them for your children today.