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Waiting for a Meal

Friday is the day you pickup you’re bag of canned food, you and a hundred other people . When entering you go and grab a number for your place in line. Then you wait for them to call out your number so you can fill out a ID form for them to check and see if you are who you say you are. All of this takes about forty five minutes, you are dealing with about one hundred twenty five people. Now you wait another forty minutes before they start calling out numbers to pickup your bag of canned food. The people you see is mixed, a number of different races, women and their children are all trying to get their bag of goods. These people are all in pretty good spirits, you would think they would be down, with what they are about to receive. Whats coming is nothing to shout about, you are about to receive the same thing you received last week. One bag of canned goods are a couple of cans of soup or stew, couple of cans of fruit, one or two cans of vegetables maybe corn or peas, and a dozen eggs. Also in the mix is a bag of pinto beans, one bag of rice maybe a box of pasta or minute oats. If you are lucky you might get a frozen chicken, don’t hold your breath this does not happen very often. One thing you do get is a frozen turkey roll, same thing every week. Thaw this out and watch it spread on the table, I would not recommend this as a meal to often.

Now there is one thing you can count on, is bread french, sour, sweet, wheat, quite a choice only thing wrong with this, it’s two days old maybe a week who knows. True these people are doing the best they can I hope. Feeding roughly one hundred fifty people a week is no easy task. Contributions are low to say the least, society is not doing it’s share of feeding the needy. You would think that with all of the stores that are around donations would be high, not in this day and age. Charity is at a low point, getting food is like finding hens teeth. Times are hard for everybody, nobody’s giving anything out that they need themselves. Understandable keeping your own shelves full is first, not so easy to do when you are having your own problems. It would be nice if the selection of food was high end, it would make the week easier to deal with. To much lower end food can dampen your spirits, do not let it get you down, better days are coming.

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