Walk Your Way to a Firmer Butt

The easiest way to tone your butt is by performing one of the easiest exercises that you do on a daily basis without even realizing you are exercising. It is not a secret that approximately 50% of North Americans are overweight to obese so it is not a surprise that there are millions of people wanting to firm their butts. So why aren’t they just walking and toning their lower bodies then if walking is that easy and that effective. It is definitely because they just don’t know how easy it really is to tighten their rear ends. For the most part people who are out of shape and overweight will not take the appropriate steps to do what they have to too get into shape. There is always an excuse why they can’t exercise.

Too tired to busy or how about the truth that you are just too lazy? What a lot of people don’t know is that exercise is habit forming. Once you push yourself to actually exercise whether you are into it or not you will notice after just a week or so that you are starting to enjoy exercising and looking forward to the next time you have a workout.

Walking has got to be one of the easiest ways to get in shape there is. Not just walking during the regular course of your day but going over and above and putting aside specific time to walk your buns to a firmer you. The best thing about walking is that you can walk daily and chances are you will not over train. Of course you need to be smart about it and don’t walk 10 miles your first day. Instead I am recommending that you set aside 10 to 15 minutes a day for the first 2 weeks and walk briskly for that amount of time every day around the same time each day as the best way to create a healthy habit is to get your body used to working out at the same time every day. Your body will start to crave that workout at that time every day making it easier for you to keep working out.

Stick to no more than 15 minutes every day for two weeks no matter how easy it seems. After two weeks you can up your time by 5 minutes each week. Eventually you will hit an amount of time that works perfect for your schedule and your body toning your bottom in the process.

You will notice that not only your butt is getting toned but your whole lower body is getting firmer and stronger, even your core will be noticeably tighter with a few weeks of walking under your belt.
Of course eating healthier foods makes a huge difference as well. The combination of walking and eating healthier will make drastic improvements in your physique. If you have a tough time choosing healthier foods then at least cut back on the amount you eat at each meal or snacking, also try not to eat for 4 or so hours before bed time.

One last tip to help you get that firm butt you’re wanting. Invest in a nice pair of walking shoes. Make sure you get walking and not jogging shoes. There is a difference.