Walking Around

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The absolute best exercise is supposed to be walking. It doesn’t require any special equipment. You can do it any time you please, before work, after work, at luch time or just stroll around to look at the sights seen by tourists that come to ‘your town’. I walk whenever I feel the urge, (which means that I don’t fit the guidelines of any excercise program). I’m long past power walking so, I stroll along, watching leaves turn colors (too early this year it seems), some of the beautiful colors that used to announce the fall of the year are absent this year. Its been os hot that the leaves are more burnt up than morphed into different colors. The dull, brown of the fallen leaves almost matches the greenish, brown of the dried up grass on some of the lawns around the city.

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My walks take me past large gardens that have provided fresh produce for most of the past falls and winters. The change in coloring from previous falls is nothing short of devastating if one counts on the season change for exposure to the many different levels of life that are exposed by the change from summer to fall. There are fewer nuts on the trees, burnt up plants in the gardens and worse of all is the food lying on the ground that could not ripen but, did not stay on the vine. There are tomatoes that have splits in the skins because the extreme heat accelerated growth before the ‘fruit’ was mature enough to sustain such growth. Some fruits lie rotting, long before the time when harvest should occur. This fall and winter, the garden owners will have to buy what they eat even though they put in the time, effort and expense to ‘put in a garden’. In addition to having to buy anything that I eat, I have to pay more for a gallon of milk than I’ll pay for a gallon of gasoline. Walking allows me to see more of what’s going on on the streets where I live but, it sure is makin gme long for the days of lower prices and greater difference to announce the changes in seasons.

Its more devastating that the leaves are drying up prematurely, this city has an annual celebration that glorifies the plants in the area.

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