Wallpaper Removal Techniques – Easy Do-It-Yourself Steps For Restoring Your Wall

Getting tired of your old wallpaper and wanting to replace it with some new ones without having to damage your walls? Worry no more because there can be a lot of wallpaper removal techniques that you can use to clean your walls safely and efficiently. Wallpapers can come in variety of colors and designs and they can really fit into almost any type of home. But if you are getting used to your old wallpaper style and you want update it, or if you want to use paint rather than your previous wallpaper then you just have to follow simple wallpaper techniques for you to be able to remove them efficiently from your walls.

Saving From Extra Expenses

This process involving wallpaper removal techniques can definitely be easy and you just have to be a very good follower when it comes to instructions. You would not need to hire another worker just so you can be able to remove your old wallpapers. You can do the task by yourself and you could be able to save the money that you will pay for the worker that you will hire. It is a simple task and you do not have to worry about the first time difficulties that you may encounter because they are normal.

The Preparation Needed Together With The Materials

First of all, in being able to follow your wallpaper removal techniques, you have to prepare all the necessary materials that you will need for the process. This is always considered to be one of the first steps when it comes to doing any process. These materials include sandpapers, buckets, scouring pad, wallpaper steamers, wallpaper tigers, hand sanders, wall paper removers, plastic sheeting, single-edged razor blades, plastic sheeting, putty knives, sponges , rugs, drop cloths, paint rollers and masking tape. Yes, there can be a lot of materials needed for your wallpaper removal process but in the end, you can be sure that you are able to achieve your desired results. Most of the materials are also easily available in home supplies stores and can even be found right at your home that is why there is nothing much to worry about when it comes to your expenses about the materials that you will need.

Proper Positioning Of House Items: Providing Protection

After making sure that all of the materials are already available and within your reach, you must be able to move the furniture from the walls so that they will not be affected or stained during the wall paper removal process. After being able to move the furniture and placing them in a safe place, you can also cover them with drop cloths to make sure that they are really protected from stains and other types of mess. You can also try to cover the floor with droop cloths or old newspapers to prevent staining of the floor.

The Actual Wallpaper Removal

As your first actual step in the wallpaper removal, you should start choosing one edge of the wallpaper and try to peel that off using a putty knife, a scraper, or even your hands. You would even be amazed to find out that some wallpapers especially the old ones can actually be easy to peel off. This is one wallpaper removal technique that you can consider.

If you find it hard to peel off the wallpaper especially if it is just new, or if you cannot entirely remove the piece of wallpaper because there are some remains, you can now use your razor blade so that you will be able to make sure that all the wallpaper including the remains that are difficult to remove are successfully taken off this time. You should really be careful in using these sharp materials like razors because you should make sure that you do not actually cut or damage the plaster beneath the wallpaper, or simply the wall itself.

After such, you can start putting water or you can even add mild soap on the wall through the use of a paint roller or a sponge. If you have enough funds to buy for wallpaper removers then that would be better and more effective. You should be able to apply it to the wall several times as required. It will act by allowing the wallpaper to absorb it then eventually the glue that sticks the paper to the wall will eventually wear off making it easier for you to actually remove the wallpaper by your own.

You can now start to make use of the wallpaper steamer. You can either buy such device if you have enough or you can simply borrow or rent it from anyone you know. You just have to be careful when it comes to using the device because it can get really hot. Aside from using proper wallpaper removal techniques, you must also make sure that you take the necessary precautions when it comes to using risky materials. You can use the steamer for the left paper on the wall as well.

After that, you can start to try to remove the wallpaper by your hands again. If it is still too hard to remove, you can always use a putty knife or even a scraper to make the process easier. After making sure that all of the paper is remove, you can now start washing or rinsing the wall so you could be able to remove the glue. You should make sure that you wash it entirely leaving the originally painted wall in view. After that, you ‘ll just have to wait for it to dry till you can use the sandpaper to make sure the wall is smooth and totally free from any traces of wallpaper remains.

These are just some of the wallpaper removal techniques that you can use so that you can be able to save yourself from the extra expenses of having to hire another worker just to remove the wallpapers. This is a very easy task that you can easily learn just as long as you have the patience and the motivation. This goes to show that you can definitely be successful in completing the task through the aid of wallpaper removal techniques.