Walmart Straight Talk Form

About Walmart Straight Talk Form and Cards

Walmart straight talk form is one of the most sought topics in the internet today. This is because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness it brings in regards to telecommunications in United States of America. With this, US citizens can now avail contract-free phone services and plans at an available rate. However, this service can only be found at any Walmart branch or website. Aside from this, what are the important product features and specifications you need to know?

What is Straight Talk?

Establish by two major companies namely Walmart and Tracfone, straight talk is a customer card where in consumable texts and outgoing calls are provided. Furthermore, one can also avail cards where in internet usage is applicable even without broadband. For individuals who don’t want cards, prepaid plans are also available without any contracts at hand. To top it all up, with Walmart straight talk form, one can also avail cellular phones of varying models provided that you avail any prepaid plans available. Some mobile phone brands such as LG, Nokia and Samsung are the most commonly dispensed.

Straight talk cards

In terms of straight talk cards, you can choose 4 different kinds of varying duration and price. What are these cards?

  • $30 prepaid card – With this type of card, you will be able to consume and send 1,000 minutes of calls and text messages. Also included is a 30MB internet services. These services should be consumed within a month after loading it.
  • $45 prepaid card – If you’re opting for unlimited texts, calls and internet access for a month, this type of card is the one for you.
  • $135 prepaid card – Another card that provides unlimited services is the $135 card. Here, your unlimited services are good for 90 days or 3 months upon loading.
  • $249.99 prepaid card – With this prepaid card, you will be able to experience unlimited services for the duration of 180 days upon loading.

Straight talk forms and cellular phone plans

In terms of prepaid plans, there two plans you can avail without any contract policies. All you need to do is to fill-up Walmart straight talk form. But, what are your two options?

The first plan you can apply for is the $30 prepaid plan. This has the same features as its card counterpart. The same goes with your second option which the $45 prepaid plan. However, with prepaid plans, you have additional features which are free 411 calls, nationwide coverage and of course a cellular phone.


With these types of deals, no wonder straight talk has increased in regards to consumer demands. There are instances that cards are unavailable. However, you can either visit any store location in your state or check their website for availability. You can actually save an approximate worth of $500 to $900 per year with this type of services. Thus, in conclusion, availing for this product is truly worth every penny you spend. To experience this one of a kind deal, just avail straight talk cards or fill-up and submit one Walmart straight talk form to acquire free cell phones.