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Want To Be A Project Manager?

Despite the incessant reports of astronomic unemployment statistics blasting us all in the face every single day, there are actually still jobs out there. In fact, project management jobs are readily available to those who want to work for them. The key to getting a project management job is to be ready and determined to shine. It is a competitive business and only the best survive the detailed CV picking and gruelling interviews. You might have several project management courses under your belt, such as APMP training, but they won’t mean a thing if you can’t pull out all the stops to impress the guy or gal in front of you deciding your fate.
Here are some of the key attributes employers are looking for in a project manager:
The Ability To Add Value
What can you do that’s different to the next person being interviewed? What is your USP? You should regularly write your own ‘mission statement’ so you clearly know what you stand for and what your worth is. How will you lead that business to exceptional performance? You mighthave done several project management courses, but how do you actually apply your skills in the workplace? Discuss examples of past work where you have planned, managed and completed a project with absolute skill. You should also understand the company you are interviewing for. Research the company and shape your skills and assets to work with the company you’re trying to work for.
Problem Solving
Overcoming obstacles is a key skill in project management. There will always be problems, but how do you approach those problems? How do you adapt and change to the natural peaks and troughs of a project? How flexible are you when it comes to project changes? It is important you highlight your positive attitude to obstacles, and you must give prime examples of overcoming obstacles in the past. You must show your interviewer that you are flexible, adaptable and passionate about finding solutions. Management does not want a negative complainer, they want a problem solver – is that you?
Leading A Team
Do you lead a team to excellence? How do you inspire a team, enthuse a team and focus a team? You should be communicative, enthusiastic and strong as a project manager. You should understand conflict management, soft skills and communication. You should be able to manage a perfect team, and a team that lacks enthusiasm. You should be able to make the best of any situation and recognise the best approach to nurturing your team.
Understanding the Business You’re Going to Be Working For
Every single project you do in a company relates to the company’s organisational strategy. You must understand this strategy and be able to explain this understanding in the interview. Every project will relate to the company you work for, the skill is in recognising how it relates to the company and how you can then merge that into your overall vision for the project.
These are just a few examples of the key attributes interviewers are looking for in prospective project managers. If you think you need to build your skill set in a certain area, do some project management training so you can enter that interview room confident in your abilities.

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