Want to be Like a 'Model'? Beware!

All of us want to look beautiful and keep our body in good shape. While turning the pages of Magazines we get envy of the beautiful models on the pages and always try to copy their style and think of become like that but the truth is that these models are not that beautiful in real. It is not new that Magazine editors do some retouching of these photos before publishing it. Organizations in the health sector do not support or in turn strongly against this trend of editing photos in Photoshop to make models look more beautiful than real. They claim that this type of modified photos create wrong perception about body shape and beauty among youth, especially among girls. Recently American Medical Association came forward with the demand of restricting the editing of photos in Photoshop before publishing or setting certain criteria for editing. A report by the Medical Association claim that trying for the shape and beauty in the photos leads to danger and may cause health disorder and mental strain. The effect is more on children and youth.

Actors Kim Cattrall and George Clooney, before and after retouching their photos

Image source:http://now.dartmouth.edu

A study on Photo retouching by a Dartmouth College Professor

Hany Farid, Professor, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire and his student Erik Kee published a paper on this in the National Academy Science Journal. They also developed software to categorize pictures according to its rate of modifications. This software intends to provide information for users regarding the alterations of the photos. The software can analyze the geographic and photometric changes in the photo. The photos with least modification will come under the class, I and the photos with the most number of modifications will come under the class V. They also demand to set certain criteria for the modification of photos before publishing.

Follow this link to read more about the study:

See Professor Hany Farid’s gallery of before and after retouching images

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