Want to bleach your teeth?

You are on your way to your first blind date and since you’ve never seen your date, you are excited about the whole thing and there are many questions that keep on popping in your mind. You finally lay eyes on your date who finally settles down on your table. You are pleased by what you see but the minute your date opens his/ her mouth to smile, you see a whole new world! Of course that’s not going to happen to your date tonight and in fact the probability that such a thing would ever happen to anyone is pretty low. The interesting thing is that almost everyone with “not-so-white teeth” brush but they end up having dull colored teeth. Is there a solution? Of course there is but there are lots of things you have to know about bleaching your teeth before you let the excitement get the better of you.

The first thing you should know about teeth bleaching is that not everyone is able to have his/ her teeth bleached even if he/she feels like it would be necessary. Before anything is done to your teeth, you must pass the “teeth test” in which a dentist will have to check for things like tooth decay, sensitivity and infections. If you decide to go on with the teeth whitening process even when you have these problems, you’ll end up experiencing more pain during the whitening process and like you already know, there’s nothing worse than experiencing pain because of your teeth. After the check up, your dentist will tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for the process or whether you have to try it some other time later.

For those people who succeeded the previous stage, the dentist will now tell you whether bleaching your teeth will actually make them look whiter before. This happens because there are people who have artificial teeth and yet tooth bleaching only applies to people who have real teeth with enamel. Enamel is the outermost component of a tooth and when a tooth is being bleached, it is this enamel that gets affected. The whiter the teeth, the more charming one becomes but without knowing it, there are many dangers involved in the whole process. Nowadays you’ll find tooth whitening kiosks all over from the malls to the salons and even though you might find people who wear medical scrubs, you can never be quite sure that they are licensed dentists. This puts you at risk since if anything happens to your teeth afterwards, you’ll have no one to complain to. A qualified dentist will always warn you about the risks involved before anything is done to your teeth and will not go on with the teeth whitening process if he/ she feels that you don’t qualify for the process. Just like in cosmetic surgeries, your health will always be more important than the beauty that you expect after the operation has been carried out.