Want To Buy A Fish Tank ? – What You Need To Know About Fish Tanks

So you want to buy a fish tank? Fish tanks are said to reduce stress and consequently lower blood pressure. Fish are also a good choice to teach children responsibility without as much mess and work that is involved with such pets as a dog or cat. If you are looking for cheap fish tanks for sale or for more expensive ones, you’ve come to the right place for information.

Some Common Fish Species

There are many fish species that are commonly kept as pets. There are both fresh-water and salt-water species.The most popular fresh water species include: angelfish, barbs, Bettas, bichers, cichlids, Danios, gobis, goldfish (of which there are a variety as well) gouramis, Guppys, Mollies, needlefish, Pacus, Platys, small sharks, silver dollars and Tetras, just to name a few. It is possible to have a salt-water tank as well. The most popular salt water species include achilles tang, angelfish, boxfish, butterfly fish, clownfish, eel, goby, and lionfish, among others.

Caring For Fish

There are many types and species of fish that you can keep. There are fresh water and salt water fish. Fish don’t usually need much care. They require regular feeding and once in a while you need to clean the fish tank and do some maintenance on the fish tank equipment. This can vary, though, depending on the species.

Parts of a Fish Tank

There are only a few things needed to mount a very nice fish tank. This usually includes a glass tank, a filter, an aerator and some decorations that the fish can use to hide in. Having places to hide will give the fish a more natural habitat.

These decorations can be bought to fit a theme. You can have a pirate theme or an ancient civilization theme or even a cartoon theme; Spongebob SquarePant® is very popular with the kids.

Fish Tanks

There are a wide range of fish tanks for sale. Check out the following list from Amazon.com. It’s arranged from most expensive to cheapest. There are many, many options to buy cheap fish tanks and there are some more expensive ones available as well. The prices included were the prices on March 10, 2012 and are subject to change.

Marineland Monterey Deep Dimension Aquarium And Stand Kit 300 Gallon Color: Red Oak ($3999.99)

Tetra 55 Gallon Deluxe Starter Kit ($607.45)

Aqueon Evolve 8 LED Aquarium Kit, 8 Gallons ($99.99)

Cascade Filter And Pump Starter Kit 20 Gallon ($79.90)

Marina Style 10 Glass Aquarium Kit – 10 Gallons($62.99)

The Finding Nemo Aquarium Kit Featuring Nemo 1.5 Gallon ($48.00)

Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium ($40.05)

Lee’s 19535 Dual Betta Hex W/Lgp($9.53)

Glass Betta Bowl – Fluted Ivy – 4.5 In. ($6.99)

Round Fish Bowl ($4.70)

Final Thoughts

A fish can make a great pet. They are easy to care for, yet teach responsibility to children. There are lots of tanks available that can fit with any decor from cheap tanks to more sophisticated, expensive ones. If you want to buy a fish tank, be sure to check out amazon.com.