Want to Get Baby Soft Skin – 6 Awesome Tips To Try Out!

Soft skin is highly desirable but over the years it seems harder and harder to get. There are certain factors such as age, weather conditions, lifestyle, and work that make skin rough over the years. There are six great tips to get baby soft skin. Softer skin is desirable to the touch and can even make a person look years younger.

1. Wash Everyday
To get soft skin it is important to keep it clean. Soap can dry out the skin so it does not have to be used as part of the daily cleaning process. There are a number of soap free body washes and facial cleaners that can be used. Use a soft sponge and gently pat the skin. This will remove the dirt without drying the skin out.

2. Exfoliate Often
You should exfoliate your skin once a week. This will help remove the dead skin cells allowing new and fresh skin to come through. This will help make the skin soft to the touch. If a person has sensitive skin they only need to exfoliate once every two weeks. If you do not want to purchase a scrub you can make your own exfoliating scrub with a mixture of sugar and honey. There are also special exfoliating gloves that should be used during this process. The gloves should be coated with the scrub and rubbed on the skin to remove the dead cells as well as dirt. It is best to do this in the bath or shower so water will wash away the dead cells as well as the scrub. You do not have to press down or scrub. This will irritate the skin. Once you are done gently pat the skin dry with a gentle motion.

3. Moisturize
Adding moisture is very important to keep the skin cell hydrated. After bathing apply the cream of the lotion to the body right away. Since the bathroom will still be steamy this will allow the pores to stay open and absorb the moisture right away. To get the skin to be extra soft use a product that is designed for sensitive skin. Even if your skin is not sensitive these products contain additional amounts of moisturizers and natural ingredients.

4. Add Sun Protection
Many people worship the sun for tanning but the rays of the sun are one of the worst things for the skin. The sun dries out the skin making it feel rough and dry. The sun can also lead to premature aging. When going outside wear sun block and reapply it every couple of hours. Also wear protective clothing such as light weight long sleeves and even a hat.

5. Repeat at Bedtime
Before going to be there is a skin care tips that will help soften the skin while you are sleeping. It will also remove dirt and other impurities that were picked up over the course of the day. Make sure you apply cream to elbows, feet, and other dry areas before heading to bed. Wearing cloths to bed will help keep the cream that is applied to the skin on the body instead of the bed sheets. Pantyhose is comfortable and lightweight. It will also keep the cream on the skin. Other clothing should be made of cotton. It is soft, lightweight, and will allow the skin to breathe.

6. Bathe in Milk and Honey
When the skin is rough and tough a bath of milk and honey will help soften it up almost right away. All you have to do is run a bath for yourself and add about a liter of milk and three teaspoons of honey. The honey will help soften the skin without making it sticky. You can even get some vitamin E capsules and empty them into the water as well to make the skin years soft. Relax and soap for a while and then gently rinse off. Pat the skin dry and apply moisturizer.

According to Consumer Health Digest, applying these tricks will help you get baby soft skin even if you have been exposed to the sun, hard working conditions, and even time. You no longer have to suffer with rough and dry skin. These tips will have your skin soft and healthy once again in no time.