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Want to Know what Music Streaming Sites are the Best?


The Internet has truly changed the way we discover and listen to music. And with so many streaming options out there one could get lost trying to decide which site to go to. Here is a list of the best music streaming sites on the net today and what features they offer their listeners so you can choose which one is right for you.
The most well known and used of all the streaming website is Spotify. There are a number of reasons for Spotify popularity mainly because it is one of the only sites to offer access to full albums. In most cases, you can find a tourist complete works complete catalog I know every track that that artist has ever put out which is an invaluable feature for both die-hard fans and new listeners. Plus fans can create and share playlists Spotify just as much of a social media platform streaming site. In addition, stand up comedy recordings and language tutorials can also be found on Spotify as well.
SoundCloud great for discovering indie bands/artists follow mainstream artists as well as hear song covers and remixes. Plus the social network aspect enables fans to interact with the artists, not unlike Twitter/Instagram. Another plus for SoundCloud is that artist oftentimes release their albums early as an extensive for their fans. It is also a helpful tool for bloggers that want to feature music in their posts because Soundcloud is easily added to any blog platform much like YouTube.
8tracks is a social networking site devoted entirely to making playlists making and sharing them with your followers. All of the playlists are categorized by genre that makes it very easy to discover new artists suited to your musical taste and meet like-minded fans to follow.
Recently Google acquired Songza which offers a number streaming stations. Listeners can decide what to listen to based on their mood, what they’re doing or by musical genre that branch them access to a number of stations suited to the category that they have selected. Songza of features a wide array of underground as well as mainstream artists that makes it ideal for those who want to discover new artists but still listen to their old favorites.
Before Spotify was all the rage, Pandora had the number one spot. Which Pandora when you select any given artist a station is instantly created that features not only that artist but similar artists within that genre. So, for example, if you choose Katy Perry you would also get Rihanna or for Taylor Swift in your feed as well.
Hype Machine is a website devoted to showcasing a daily list of all of the tracks that have been featured on hundreds of music and culture blogs. Which makes this site not only a great place to discover new and exciting music, but also new and exciting blogs to follow as well. And for bloggers it also makes any valuable tool that enables you to see what tracks/ artists are trending.
Hopefully, this list helps you decide site/sites are the best for you. Also keep in mind that all of these sites have applications available on Android and iOS.

Want to Know what Music Streaming Sites are the Best?
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