Want to Put on Muscle? Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Many people who work out find that they plateau. They just can’t seem to bulk up any further than a certain point, and become irritated that they can’t push through to the next weight level. They feel they have the right diet, eat plenty of protein, and often take supplements like creatine. If you find that you’re trying to bulk up, but you can’t get any further, it may be that you need to increase the testosterone in your system. Fortunately, there is a natural and tasty way to do so.

Foods that Promote Testosterone Production

To boost your testosterone levels you may be tempted to go with a testosterone boosting drug. These drugs work, but they are also incredibly dangerous. Rather than take that risk, incorporate these foods into your diet, and see your levels increase naturally.

Foods with Zinc – The mineral zinc has been known to increase a person’s levels of free testosterone. With as little as 30 extra milligrams per day, you can increase your testosterone dramatically. To get there eat foods like oysters (ever wonder why they’re considered an aphrodisiac? Because of the zinc), liver, turkey, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, and cashews.

Foods with Vitamin C – This important vitamin not only helps you ward off illness, but it also helps your testosterone levels. Try to incorporate a lot of fruits into your diet to get this vitamin. Kiwi are packed with it, so are oranges and other citrus fruits. Eat lots of kale and broccoli (most dark green vegetables are going to be great for your health).

Foods with Magnesium – Similar to zinc, magnesium helps produce testosterone. Foods high in this mineral are actually very easy to find, and you probably already eat them. Whole grains (part of a heart healthy diet anyway), sunflower seeds, peanut butter, and beans all pack a punch.

Foods with Whey – There are multiple different types of protein. If you are having trouble bulking up, you might need to incorporate other types of protein into your diet. Whey is a great way to get the protein that you need (and it’s different from soy or meat based protein). Try to eat cheeses (in moderation), milk, protein powder, and kefir (for a lactose free alternative).

Saturated Fats – There are so many different types of fat and too many people fall under the assumption that fat is bad. But saturated fats actually help the body significantly. Find them in foods like coconut oil, steak, and chocolate (dark is better). Keep these foods in moderation.

Exercising is the best way to burn off all of those calories you will be consuming with these foods. But that’s not the issue; the issue is growing muscle mass. If you find that you have a healthy diet, you are working out appropriately, and you still can’t seem to get bigger, then try to incorporate these foods into your diet and see what kind of results you get.