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Warning: Your Car is Trying to Tell You Something

You’re driving down the highway and all of a sudden you hear a weird noise coming from somewhere in your car. You know that the car has had its regular maintenance and you have enough gas, so what could be the problem with the car? Before you call a tow truck and take it to a repair shop, it helps to know what the problems might be before you pay for something that is unnecessary.

In today’s computerized cars, it takes a special knowledge of codes and intellect to diagnose and fix problems. It also requires special tools that most do-it-yourselfers do not possess. If you don’t have these, then please take it to a reliable service station and save yourself time, money and aggravation, Common problems that arise in operating a vehicle are:

• Check Engine Light: If the dashboard is only signaling this warning then it is probably okay to keep driving until you can get to a service station.

• A diagnostic code: This code appears on your dashboard to warn you that a problem is occurring in the sensor output. With either a scan tool or a manual book, the technician will be able to detect where the problem is occurring.

• Coolant leak: These problems are easy to detect because they can be seen dripping or spraying from the hoses or radiators. Some of these problems can be fixed at home, others require a repair shop.

• Car won’t start: This is the easiest problem for you to detect yourself. It could be a battery or the cable, which is easy to fix by inspecting them, cleaning the corrosion and tightening the wiring or a bad starter. The starter should spin when voltage is applied to it or take it to a parts store and have it tested.

• Engine noise: All cars make noise but when it becomes constant or from under the hood, then if it isn’t taken care of soon, you will experience problems. Check the oil level, first and foremost. Low oil can cause a variety of noises. Most of the other problems related to engine noise require specialized tools and gauges and should be taken to a repair shop for evaluation.

How do you know if your mechanic is taking you for ride or is being honest? Trying to fix your own car is often a daunting task due to the tight quarters of the motor and the lack of enough space to deal with the problem. This is where a mechanic comes in handy. They have the necessary resources available to deal with your problem.

Look for a repair shop that has been recommended by friends and neighbours, is affiliated with a motor club and has certified technicians. You wouldn’t go to a doctor without doing a check on him, so the car deserves the same considerations. Make sure to ask for a written estimate of the repair costs including what parts will be replaced and labor charges.

If you are looking for a reliable repair shop that specialises in automotive diagnostics and repairs then consider Bob Sell Automotive Repairs in Victoria. With over 30 years of service, the approved technicians specialise in cooling systems in all makes of automobiles.

They also have experts in transmission, cooling and engine repair. Bob Sell believes in keeping in close contact with their customers and will call you if added repairs are needed or if the total bill is more than the estimate. Bob Sell believes that “A 100% satisfied customer is a repeat customer.”

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