Warpia StreamHD SWP120A Wireless

The Warpia StreamHD features full 1080p High Definition video and quality audio that can be streamed from your laptop or desktop PC to any HDTV or any other HD display it is connected to. With this device you’ll be able to access streaming movies, online video, photos, Facebook, Twitter and more. All without the need for extra wires since the Warpia StreamHD is completely wireless. You also don’t have to worry about not being able to use your PC or laptop when the device is doing its work since it doesn’t tie up your computer. So you’ll still be able to browse the internet, check your email and do other tasks while using the Warpia StreamHD.

Streaming True 1080p Resolution

1080p Streaming Video

You’ll be able to view all of your favorite online video content in full 1080p HD resolution. All that’s needed is to connect the StreamHD to a display through the HDMI connected and plug the wireless adapter to your computer and you’ll be on your way to enjoying streaming media.

Extend Your Entertainment Space with HDMI

More Benefits of the Warpia StreamHD

No matter what you connect the StreamHD to you’ll be able to do it easily and efficiently. The HDMI video connector, available on many displays these days, and audio connections via an audio jack, HDMI output or SPDIF for 5.1 digital surround sound. You’ll be able to enjoy streaming video and media from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD, Hulu and others creating a near ultimate home theatre without spending too much.

Wireless Range of Up To Thirty Feet

With the Warpia StreamHD you’ll be able to wirelessly stream from up to thirty feet away, line of sight dependent, and not have any troubles. And that’s at full 1080p video.

Mirror Mode

With this mode you’ll be able to wireless use your HDTV or connected display as the display for your laptop or desktop computer and operate your computer from your larger HDTV display.

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