Washing Machine Drip Pan

Are you looking for a washing machine drip pan? Well believe it or not there are several factors you should consider in order to help you get a drip pan you’ll be happy with for years to come. In this article, I’ll discuss those factors in detail and highlight a few pans that are very well regarded.

Washer pans are necessary to protect your floor from accidental leaks and spillage from your washing machine. Anyone who has ever had this type of water problem knows that they are not fun and can cause a lot of damage! A drip pan helps prevent damage from these leaks by catching the leaked water and, depending on your setup draining the water away.

A few of the main criteria you’ll want to consider when choosing the right washing machine drip pan are:

  • Material – some metal pans will bend or rust depending on the quality. Typically plastic is superior.
  • Strength – some cheaper pans can bend quite easily or can be brittle and break easily.
  • Height of pan – If you’re planning on using pedestal drawers which are sold as accessories for most newer washers and dryers you want to be sure you can open the washer drawer while it’s sitting in the drip pan. Some pans are too deep for this and the drawer catches on the lip of the pan and won’t open more than an inch or two.
  • Translucence – This is particularly important if you’re drain hole is not centered or not a standard size. Being able to see through the pan allows you to correctly place the hole in the pan to coincide with the drain hole in your floor.
  • Size – Be sure to get the right size pan for your floor and washing machine. Too small and the machine obviously won’t fit. Too big and you’re wasting floor space and since most laundry rooms have an indentation for the pan the pan may not fit.

If you consider these factors you’ll be much more likely to end up with a drip pan that will last you for years to come and protect from any of those leaks or overflows. I’ve highlighted a few pans below to give you an idea of what’s available online. I’m sure these can help you find a washing machine drip pan that will work for you.