Washing Machine Pumps Broken Can't Wash Clothes Buy Pump Fix It Yourself

Buy the right washing machine drain pump and replace a broken one yourself. As reliable as washing machines are, sometimes they break down and need to be repaired. One such repair is replacing the drain pump on an upright washing machine. This is a simple but cumbersome repair. Family sized upright washing machines aren’t easy to work on due to their size and weight. Hopefully, you’re blessed with a washer that has easy access to the drain pump. Grab your wallet and your toolbox and let’s try to buy the right washing machine drain pump and replace a broken one yourself.


It would help to have a few things to help do this job. Gather up a bucket, towel, mop, and dolly or hand truck. Use the bucket, towel and mop to catch and clean up any water spills. The dolly or hand truck is for moving the washer if necessary.

By the Numbers

1. Turn off the power and water to the washer and disconnect them.

2. Remove the access panel and locate the drain pump.

3. Disconnect the inlet and outlet water lines from the pump.

4. The location of the washing machine will dictate whether or not you’ll be able to recline the washer against a wall to do the repair or if you’ll have to lay it on one side so that you can have access to remove the pump. Determine that and do what you think will give you the best access to the bottom of the washer at the pump. Get help moving the washer so you don’t hurt yourself.

5. Remove the screws that mount the pump to the bottom of the washer.

6. Remove the pump. Keep these screws in case you need them for the new pump.

Buy the Right Pump

Now you’re ready to take the pump to the appliance parts store and buy a replacement pump. Show the pump to an associate and he or she may be able to match it up for you. Follow these directions in reverse to install the new pump. Adjust the tension on the drain pump pulley and drive belt. Don’t forget to reconnect the water and power and turn them back on. Before you put the access panel back on, test the new pump by running a short wash cycle with no clothes in the washer. Check the water lines in back of the washer and at the pump to make sure that there are no leaks. Make sure the drive belt isn’t slipping. That should do it. See, I told you you could buy the right washing machine drain pump and replace a broken one yourself.

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