Wasp Spray Indoors

Is it okay to use wasp spray indoors? According to most of the cans you find in stores it’s not. The can I bought specifically said not to spray indoors. Naturally, I didn’t see this until I got it home. The problem with this is that there were 3 wasps lurking about just waiting for a chance to get me or so I thought.

Wasps are scary, especially if you have ever been stung by one, which I have. Last summer one got me right between the eyes, I kid you not. Thank goodness, I wasn’t allergic, however, it still swelled both of my eyes to the point that I looked like I had been in a fight.

So, when I saw 3 wasps indoors I panicked and ran off to the store to get wasp killer and was in such a hurry I didn’t read the can. Oh well, I figured how bad can it be if I spray a little wasp spray indoors?

I went back and forth with should I or shouldn’t I and decided I shouldn’t. You might be wondering what I did since I didn’t use the wasp spray indoors. I did it the old fashioned way and swatted them, but I don’t advise you to do what I did. I got lucky and killed each one with the first swat.

There is a good chance that you might miss and make the wasps really agitated. However, if you do decide to swat the critters take your time and wait for the most opportune moment.

Most likely I will have more wasps appear indoors, because there is a nest in the upper right corner of the window in the kitchen. I cannot get to the nest due to it being between the window and storm window and my apartment is on the 2nd floor, so I can’t reach the outside. What to do?

My plan is to use wasp spray indoors next time. You see, I took back the wasp spray I bought and ordered a can of organic wasp spray online that is safe to use indoors. I realize I got lucky when I killed the 3 wasps without getting stung and don’t plan to try it again.

As luck would have it I also have a huge wasp or hornet guarding a nest that is in the backyard by the gate that I have to walk by every time I go in or out. This one is much larger than the ones in the house and a different color. It is black with yellow stripes and hovers and darts at me when I walk by.

I might try some of the organic wasp spray on it at some point. I am sort of scared to get too close. Right now, I am hoping it will go away on its own. It could be a solitary wasp since I have not seen others.

One of the best ways to find a good organic wasp spray is to read reviews and ratings on Amazon. That’s what I do when I am looking for most any product including wasp spray indoors.