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Time really flies; to watch a movie online was a far fetched pipe dream and who would have thought that VHS would finally leave us to pave way for DVDs. Surprisingly it’s in our generation where all this is happening. The ability to rent movies online became popular when DVDs moved in to take the place of VHS. Many movie companies got into the business a little bit late while others like Netflix have been legends turning decades and decades while still serving the online community.

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To watch movies online with Netflix requires one to first subscribe to their membership. It is obvious that when you become a member, your needs can be more understood hence services customized. Members can search for movies using the available search criteria and once they find it, can start streaming and playing it. The playing can be done on a desktop, laptop or even connect to the television set. The options are just unlimited and Netflix has now developed ipads applications customized for the clientele who prefer using their ipads to watch movies. In addition to enabling one to watch movies online, Netflix also gives its members the opportunity of download the movies and burn them into DVDs and CDs. To enable them do this, Netflix gives them special software which is a plus since members will not have to go into extra expenses of investing in DVD and/or CD writing software. The platform where also this happens is the company’s website, it’s so interactive and user friendly.

The streaming doesn’t have content or bandwidth limitations as one can just stream at anytime of the night or day whatever number of movies they prefer without any hitches.

To be honest, Netflix has revolutionized the world of movies. People no longer scramble for space in theatres of queue for tickets as it was the norm a few years back. Parking lots were hard to find as most people arrived early just to ensure they get both a ticket and a parking lot.

Our lifestyles have also changed so much; people run up and down attending to official matters form one board room to another. This helter skelter lifestyle hardly affords one to rest and have fun. People arrive late at their homes, children left alone or under the care of a house girl or nanny. There is hardly any time to concentrate and even take the children out for a treat may be to a movie theatre or some sort of entertainment.

I believe after considering all this, Netflix saw it befitting to come up with this service to enable people watch movies online. Just imagine seated at the comfort of your home with your family just watching movies and having fun after a stressful day; it’s so refreshing and helps the family to bond well.

There is even a greater opportunity now and in future for Netflix because many income earners are slowly embracing telecommuting and basically have turned their laptops into offices. They can play music or watch a movie online on the side as they are doing their assignments.

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