Watching paint dry. Yes, a new coat of paint can actually be interesting!

The people of Thailand divide life into two categories, fun and no fun. But our bits and bobs, tasks and chores, jobs and responsibilities are unavoidable as they are lackadaisical. However, the drudgery needn’t be depressing. The mundane can be multifaceted. Here’s a few ways you can lift your soul in the spirit of chores.

Cleaning. My least personal favourite – until I asked for a sound system for Christmas. Before you set out with the mop, broom and vacuum, choose a playlist of your favourites with a catchy beat and surrounding base – don’t attempt cleaning without it! The benefits of music have been proven to elevate stress levels, and inspire a harmonious mindset. Not to mention the astronomical amount of calories you burn while dancing and sweeping all at the same time.

Exercise. If you’re anything like me, it isn’t the actual activity that’s the problem, but finding the motivation leading up to it. I used to lie in bed, groaning at the thought of a 5 kilometre run, till I decided to kid myself. Here’s how I found my inspiration! Think of five exercises that suit you best. For example, running, walking, gym workout, yoga, Pilates, rowing machine, biking. Now, write down the word for each one a few times on a piece of paper, and place them in a bag, like a lucky dip. Once you’re out of bed and wearing your sweats, only then can you dip into the bag and see which physical avenue the day will take you down. Moral of the story? If you don’t know what exercise you’re doing, you can’t build up a resistance to the thought of doing it.

Paint your house. Okay, so you don’t actually have to watch the paint dry, but studies have actually shown that change in environment can spark renewed vigour, the same as a holiday does. Matt’s painting are specialists in colour and home decor, and say that not only do new surroundings act as a positive catalyst for invigorating attitude, but colour has been proven to inspire healthy thought process.

Mysterious menu. Meat and three veg? Please no. I do like a roast, however, I don’t like the thought of cooking it. But how exciting would your meals be if you don’t know what you’re being served, even if you’re making it yourself? Next time you go food shopping, do so without a menu agenda. Instead, buy the veggies, meat, salad greens, and fibre that makes up your necessary food groups, and have them handy. Then bring your laptop into the kitchen. Now, find a site, such as supercook, and enter the ingredients you wish to use. The site will give you a list of culinary delights and recipes you never thought possible.

And lastly, reward yourself for chores. If you’ve eaten lots of vegetables, allow yourself some chocolate. After a spring clean, promise yourself you’ll sit down and indulge in the guilty pleasure of your favourite reality series. When you’ve exercised four days in a row, take the fifth one off to sloth about.