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Water Conservation and Plumbing Tips

Owning a home is a great responsibility that many individuals take on daily. When you own a home, you must be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of every tiny nuance from the HVAC system to the plumbing system. The plumbing system of the home is one area in which homeowners tend to pass over and leave be, which can lead to major issues later on. When a plumbing system is maintained and cared for regularly, the plumbing pipes can do their job effectively, leaving you with a comfortable home with consistent water and drainage for your daily needs.

Constant care combined with water conservation is a great way to help the environment as well as help your home. When you learn how to care for your plumbing system and save water, you can giving your pipes the much-needed break they deserve for the hard work of providing water and taking away waste. Below are a few water conservation and plumbing tips to help you better the environment, as well as your home.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals
To save the septic system connected to your plumbing pipes, be sure to avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals on the drain of your sinks, toilets or showers. These chemicals can kill the natural bacteria in the septic system that are needed.

Avoid Excessive Watering
To care for your plumbing system effectively by providing less usage, set your sprinkler systems on spring-loaded timers. You will use less water to water the garden and the using your plumbing system less which provides a much-needed break during the spring and summer months. This timer is attached to the outdoor portion of the faucet and will prevent overwatering.

Water Pressure
It is important to understand the amount of water pressure used with your sprinkler system. You can contact the water officials of your area to find out how many pounds per square inch is used in your neighborhood. Over 60 pounds is harmful to the plumbing system and can cause over usage. You can install a pressure reducing valve to limit the amount of water pressure in the home if needed.

Checking Water Meter Readings
When you are not using the water in your home, take a look at the meter readings. You want to make note of your findings and then check the meter again about 10 hours later. If the meter has moved you may have a leak which means you are wasting water which is hurting your conservation efforts, as well as your pocketbook. Your plumbing system will need to be inspected to find any leaks and make corrections.

Take measures into your own hands and make simple changes around the home to help conserve even more water and protect your pipes against corrosion and overuse. A leaky toilet can use more than 40% of the water in the home so a new flapper or fill valve will help an old toilet run effectively. Check the temperature setting of the home water heater for a setting of below 120 degrees Fahrenheit for medium setting models. If the setting is above this temperature, you will need to make changes.

An old shower head can waste several gallons of water during each use. With a new shower head installed, you can still get the spray pressure you need without using too much water in the process. A leaky faucet is also a water waster and can see your home wasting more than 8 gallons in just one day. Have any repairs or issues taken care of quickly to ensure the plumbing system is working properly? Contact your local plumbing company to learn more about water conservation as well as protecting your plumbing system.

Tiffany Torbert is an HVAC technician who lives in Lewisburg PA. She loves writing blogs on Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning topics. She started blogging as a way to share her innovative ideas with people or companies involved in the HVAC industry.

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