Water Under The Bridge’

‘Water under the bridge,’ they say about you and I,

but I can’t seem to come to that place of acceptance.

They say that, ‘water under the bridge,’ is the past,

that like water under the bridge…means it’s gone!

I cannot say that about your love, I still tears cry.

Your memory stuck..like a stick between two rocks..

the water swift cannot dislodge, your love the same..

it won’t move, oh how I wish it break loose, move on.

Like a dam, waters backed up, your memory won’t pass,

as a cold hungry stranger at my door, your love knocks!

‘Water under the bridge,’ wish your memory down stream,

flow as a fast moving current, your memory go away!

They said..time, they said..someone else..just forget,

but as steam in a kettle..lid locked..pressure every day.

Under the bridge her memories of water, idle they set!

Rivers flow till they reach the ocean, all moves as a dream,

oceans have currents and move the water, earth about.

Continual movement, the cycle and flow of water each place,

natural, every day this way…then why your memory not out?

Under the bridge in my heart, water don’t flow..you never erase!

‘Water under the bridge,’ is what they say, for me..not that way!!

Water under the bridge