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Ways to Deal with Spyware


Being online exposes you to various threats that are always finding ways to exploit your system vulnerabilities. It becomes essential to be aware of it so that you can handle it in the right way. One such potential threat is that of spyware. It is one form of malware that infects the system and wreaks havoc.

Let us find out all about dealing with it and removing it.

What is a spyware?

Spyware is a form of malware that gathers information. It is a software that is designed to obtain user information when it enters the system. It gains control over the infected system without the user knowing about it. It works without user consent and starts tracking sensitive information of the user. It is often displayed as an advertisement called as adware.

Tracking Services

As mentioned earlier, the software appears as ads pop-ups. However, it is not necessary that every ad is a data tracking malware. It is not that every advertisement that you see aims for collecting your important or sensitive information or manipulating it. For example, you purchase a service and agree with the terms and conditions that include receiving ads. This way chances are that it is not a malware.

What does it do?

It is very important to know all about the activities that a malware carries out as it is difficult to remove.

They are programs that are designed to make changes in the computer settings.
It makes your system performance low immediately and cause crashes.
It can make changes to the web browser, search page, and home page.
It can add plug-ins and other software components to a web browser.
You are restricted to make any changes to your browser settings.

Avoiding spyware

Whoever uses the system should be aware of this malicious software and should be aware of how it works. It is important to know the ways to avoid it so that you can keep your system safe.

The most common means of infecting system are when you are downloading or installing software in your system. Just when you execute the file it automatically enters the system. It often happens when you are using video sharing programs, downloading video files or music files.

It is essential that you should read the disclaimer or the terms and conditions thoroughly before installing software. Often in a hurry you just tick the checkbox and agree to the terms and conditions without reading it. It results in infection making way into the system that results in the damaged system eventually.

Check for the conditions apply at the end of the license agreement or check out the privacy statement.

Removing Spyware

Even though it is not relatively an easy task to remove the malicious software but you can still apply the following steps. However, a word of caution, if you are not technically sound it is advised to seek professional guidance.

• Run Combofix command: or then delete the sequence.

• Run the updates for Windows by going to the IE or Internet Explorer -> Tools-> Windows Update or go to Start-> Run and enter this command in the box: “%SystemRoot%system32wupdmgr.exe,” when the process is a complete reboot if required or prompted.

• Download an anti-spyware program; you can use Lavasoft Adware, Spybot or AVG Anti-Spyware.

• You will be prompted to update the definition files.

• Reboot your system in the Safe Mode

• Conduct a thorough and complete scan of your system using antispyware.

• A list will appear with possible infections by the malicious software, remove it one by one.

• Reboot the system and when your system is running normally, scan your system again.

• If you still find something then scan with an antivirus program. If you have not installed any antivirus program then ask for it from your ISP or use the AVG Free Antivirus.

• The last resort is to download and use HijackThis, run and save the log.

After knowing that all about this malicious program you will be easily able to deal with it if it has infected your system. You will be able to avoid it the next time when you are online or to use a shared device.

Ways to Deal with Spyware
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