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Ways To Really Save Money and Not Cheat Yourself

The tips in this article are ones I’ve used for years. They are simple, painless and once you start you’ll wonder why it took you so long.

The first tip concerns bar soap.

Use it, and when it’s moist, cut it in half. Put up one half and use the other until it is very small. Now, take the other half and use it until it is very small. Now put the two pieces together in water, make them mushy, then squeeze them together. A ‘third’ bar of soap, plus, a nice portion of liquid soap you can use for a few days. Cost for three bars of soap and some liquid soap? 1 Bar of Soap.

The next tip is about Toothpaste.

Sure, you squeeze it and squeeze it until it looks like this. And then you throw it out. Wrong! Unroll it, cut the bottom off, and insert your toothbrush. You move from the opening at the bottom to the top. I bet you get another week out of it, even if you brush three times a day.

Two products; Shampoo and Body Wash have the same properties. They can be diluted 2 parts water, one part Shampoo or Body Wash and perform the same duties with less suds. Less suds, of course, quicker wash off.

Body Wash (many can be used as shampoos as well, so that’s one less item to buy) can be mixed in this way; full a bottle 2/3rd of the way with water. Add 1/3 body wash. Don’t shake, just gently move back and forth to blend. Three Bottle of body wash/shampoo for the price of 1.

Further; what you do is when you’ve used up your skin lotion, and are ready to throw the container away, stop. Pour the Shampoo/Body Wash into the container, and mix it gently. You’ll get the benefits of the lotion.

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