Ways to Refer Friends to Writing Sites

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You may have been a writer to various online writing sites for years now, so you know that there are some sites out there that aren’t scams. Many sites offer you an extra bonus if you refer people to their website. However, persuading people to join isn’t always easy. There are a few tips that will help you refer friends to writing sites.

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Refer Your Family and Friends Referring your family and friends is probably the best way to get referrals. Since your family and friends already know and trust you, it shouldn’t be a problem persuading them that this is legit. If you know people who like to write and want to earn extra money tell them about the writing opportunities.

Provide Proof A major reason why people choose not to join online websites that make money is because they believe that they are all scams. However, showing them proof of payment is a great way to persuade them differently. Provide a screen shot of your monthly payment deposited into your PayPal account or make a copy of one of your latest checks to show that the company really does pay.

Advertise Advertising different writing websites is yet another way to refer friends to writing sites. Provide your refer link to the bottom of your e-mail and in your blogs. You can even talk about it on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. People will question the various sites and will of course be interested. The hardest part to gaining referrals is to first get them interested in learning about passive income. Once you have the opportunity to explain the process to them they will be eager to start.

Show Them How Easy It Is There are many people out there who do not care about these sites because they feel as if it is too difficult for them to understand. Most passive income writing sites allow an individual to write about anything they choose. Help the potential referral understand how easy it is by helping them publish their first article on a given site. Setting up their account and showing them the simple process of writing and publishing will be very helpful to them and provide them with a good understanding.

Getting referrals for online writing sites is a simple process if you are willing to put out the extra effort. Staying positive about the sites and income is the most important thing you need to do when you are trying to gain referrals. Even someone who is not experienced with computers can write and publish articles online.

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Ways to Refer Friends to Writing Sites, Seekyt
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