News Ways to rent an apartment while tight on a...

Ways to rent an apartment while tight on a budget!


Renting an independent apartment in college is a big step! Learn a few ways above to how to cope with your expenses to maintain independent living.

Ways to rent an apartment while tight on a budget!

For college students, moving out of the dorms means freedom! There is no second thought over benefits of living alone on your own but excess baggage comes along. It’s a huge financial responsibility that you need to look into with serious concerns. Pull all your strings to check harmony, no matter what your decision is, dig the matter, pull up to the ground and see if it’s workable.

Here are a few tips for redesigning your budget and ensuring you have potential amount to pay monthly rent:

1. Opt wisely:

Anybody would love sauna at home but reality stays different. Whenever, you are deciding a place, opt wisely. If it’s monthly rent is unaffordable, its unaffordable! No matter how tempting it is, you don’t have to look for thin ways saying you’ll manage. Rent will be your biggest expense, it’s essential that you go for a lease on an apartment, only if you can afford. Once you are out to rent an apartment, you can only pay rent as much as 30 percent of your pay but since you are, a college student and you work part time, stay limited to your needs aiming for most affordable places, within means.

2. Budget, Budget and Budget:

The common thumb rule is, spend within your means to keep safe. Listing down your monthly expenses and tallying it with your limited budget will keep your at bay. Begin cutting down your luxuries and squeeze it to necessities only until you are above your budget margin. If you ask any economist, budget is the first key to healthy bank balance.

3. Maintain records:

No matter how poor your approximation or budgeting is, bringing your expenses on record will keep you informed about where your money is going. This is a secret to keep up with your narrow budget. Make good use of budgeting Apps like Level Money, Learn Vest, Mint, and Budget Ease to handle things systematically. Synchronizing your bank account with any App sounds crazy, but this will notify you whenever you make any in or out.

4. Recycling or reusing:

Since you are a college student on a budget, you need to sneak out to save some pence. Using finely used course books is no offence! For more, you could rent course books from your own campus library or from sites like Amazon etc. Book renting is like availing deep discounts.

5. Discounts:

There are a lot of places willing to knock down a few dollars for students, that’s student discounts. Whether you are out for grocery or on a movie, don’t forget to avail RakBank student discount deals in UAE. After all, you’re on a tight budget and policy makers know it well. For verification, they may ask you for your college card; make sure you have it all the times. To save more, start-clipping coupons, a few cents saved will add up for anything bigger.

6. Credit card:

For a person on a tight budget, credit card is a big no-no. It’s very easy to use this plastic but you suddenly get off the track without realizing your pockets aren’t deep. Although, credit card is a rescuer in extreme situations but keeping it means, you are on your own guard. It’s best to keep cash limited to your needs.

You know you are a student and renting an apartment is a big concern! You must begin saving and just a few pence a day will add a load to anything bigger. Start depositing a small sum in a separate account bank account or in your piggy bank. Thus, incorporating savings in your everyday routine will help you in the end.

Ways to rent an apartment while tight on a budget!
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