Ways to Stretch Your Paycheck

The costs of almost everything are rising but your paycheck is not growing. In order to make your dollars go farther, you need to shop smarter for every purchase that you make.

Here are some tips that will help you learn how to downsize your life and make your paycheck go farther.

Plan purchases

Feeding your family can get expensive but if you get organized you can save more money. Clipping coupons is an activity that your kids can help you with (it will also give them a lesson in economics).

Larger purchases should be saved for and while you are saving money, research your purchase. With the Internet you can look for the best product at the best price and avoid running from store to store, wasting gas.

Re-evaluate your expenses

Not to sound like a commercial but comparing car insurance carriers can save you big money. If you get a bundle package where your home, auto and life insurance is together it will save you even more money.

Cell phone packages, cable television and home internet services are another area to examine when looking to save money. Decide what you really need. Landlines are becoming obsolete in most homes. Getting rid of yours could be a savings of as much as $60 or more a month!

Living a simpler life

Learning how to live on less money is an excellent practice. Paying yourself first by setting aside money in an emergency fund and doing without luxuries can make your life happier. Uncomplicating your life by cutting back on all the extra activities your children do in favor of family time that is free can make your family bond stronger. Spend the day in the park or go camping instead of staying at that expensive theme park.

Change your attitude

Consider shopping at thrift stores to get a bargain. Many people have discovered that clothing found in thrift and consignment shops are often designer quality and at a really good price. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a new gown for your daughter’s prom when the thrift store has gently worn ones for much less? Changing your attitude can make your paycheck go further.

Once you decide to downsize your clutter, you can even get cash for your stuff by putting it in a consignment shop or selling it yourself on eBay or have a yard sale.

Once you figure out how to live in the new economy by adjusting your lifestyle, you will make your paycheck go farther without suffering.