News Ways You Can Use Blind Rivets

Ways You Can Use Blind Rivets


Blind rivets (also known as pop rivets) have many applications. Rivets, which you can find at rivet supply stores, are fasteners, and they can be used to join all kinds of materials securely and elegantly. The can be used in soft materials like wood to sturdy materials like metal. The two different names have two different origins, both based on how the rivets are used. The “blind” moniker comes from the fact that when using the rivet you have no access to the back of the material you are piercing — this is called a blind setting. The “pop” moniker comes from the sound the rivet makes when it is shot through the material. Whichever name you use, rivets have several uses, from in the home to in industry.
In the Home
You may not realize it because rivets are not as common in home hardware stores as nails or screws, but you probably have rivets all around your home. They’re used in many large home appliances like refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units, and washing machines. They’re popular in appliances because they are good at holding metal sheets together. They can also be used in roofs, doors, windows, and even window blinds. You can find rivets at a rivet supply store. Get more information here.
Attaching Metal Signage and Wall Decorations
As with the metal sheets in appliances, rivets are the most commonly used tool used to attach nameplates and signs to poles or to the sides of structures. You can find them on street signs, on the sides of buildings, and almost anywhere you see metal signage.
Similarly, some interior wall art and paintings are too heavy to be secured to walls with nails alone. Rivets are used to fasten them more securely so they owner will worry less that they will fall and break. Rivets are also used to hang up holiday decorations and other decor.
In Doors, Drawers, and Handles
It should come as no surprise that rivets are used in hinges, the foldable pieces that serve as the joints for windows, doors, and all manner of items that can open and shut with ease. Many hinges now use rivets instead of screws.
They can also be found in the hardware that opens these doors and windows. Rivets are found in door knobs and drawer pulls that do not use nails or screws. They are stronger than nails and can hold these pieces of hardware in place better over time.
In Woodworking
Rivets are popular for use with metal, but they can be used in wood as well. They are stronger than nails, and they give woodworkers confidence in knowing their products are strong and study.
Industrial Uses
Rivets have long been uses in such transportation vehicles as boats, aircraft and submarines. In fact, during the vehicle building boom of World War II, rivets were used more than anything else for heavy manufacturing. Rosie the Riveter was a popular icon at the time, and remains so today.
The rivet is a reliable and time-tested tool that has a variety of uses. Rivets of all shapes, sizes, and yes, names, can be found at your local rivet supply store.

Ways You Can Use Blind Rivets
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