Ways You're Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

Sometimes, the best laid plans go awry, to paraphrase poet Robert Burns. Maybe you have the best intentions and a positive outlook in your weight loss efforts. But there may be some things you’re doing that are resulting in more harm than good.

You Go to Bed Too Late

Sleep is more important than most people realize. It’s not just about feeling rested the next day. Adequate sleep can play a key role in your weight loss efforts. It impact you on multiple levels.

If you are tired, you are more likely to make bad decisions with your food choices. Feeling too tired also makes it more tempting to skip your exercise program. In fact, your brain chemistry is actually altered. According to WebMD, activity is dulled in the frontal lobe of your brain when you are tired, which is what sets you up for failure.

Skipping Breakfast

Even though the dangers of skipping breakfast have been well-documented, too many of us still start our day without it. Not only are you risking putting your metabolism out of whack, you may be more susceptible to poor eating choices later in the day.

The importance of eating breakfast can have much bigger health implications as well. A Harvard University School of Public Health found that women who skipped breakfast, even occasionally, had a 20 percent greater risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes than their counterparts who ate breakfast daily.

Eating Too Little

The calories in, calories out cliche is overly simplified, and actually not true. While in a general sense, calories matter, just as important is the quality of those calories. In other words, is eating a Twinkie as healthy as eating the equivalent in calories of broccoli? We all know the answer.

Consider this: instead of concentrating on the number of calories you need, think about the quality of those calories.

Not Getting Enough Water

We live in a caffeine-crazed society. In order to keep up with our busy lives we look for artificial ways to boost our energy. One of the likely reasons you find yourself dragging through the day is that you’re not getting enough water.

For some of us, we have to develop a taste for water . Sure, water doesn’t taste like much, but that’s the problem. People prefer flavored drinks. If you struggle with getting enough water, try a simple splash of lemon or lime in your glass. Carbonating your own water with a Sodastream is a popular way to mimic sodas with little to no calories.

Jason manages web content for bariatric surgeon, Dr. Samuel Bledsoe.