We Need More Police Patroling Our Streets

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Here in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, once almost a city unto itself, is infested with crime and there are drug dealers living in and around Oak Cliff, dealing out weed and other harder drugs to people who live in and around this area. The crime is not reported the way it is supposed to be.

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Years ago when I was with the local Southwest Division Crime Watch I received frequent reports of crime on properties around where my family live. The most common were theft of items in garages, and the second was disorderly conduct. But there were more than just these in particular going on around the city.

I felt proud to be a part of something bigger than myself. It was an honor to be able to share important crime prevention and community support with other people just like me, who lived in my area of the city. For a while new signs were being posted on street corners, Warning, Crime Watch Area. This is supposed to let the would be criminal think twice before going up on someone’s front porch and steeling their 100 dollar plants and ornaments and such.

Then one day, out of nowhere, the Crime Watch program ended, at least in my area of the city. I was unable to find out just why but it seemed that at that time the lady who was with the Dallas police department got some kind of promotion leaving her position with Crime Watch in South Oak Cliff, at the Kiest Park Recreational Center, where we met every Thursday night for an hour or longer, open and nobody filled her position and turnout had begun to wane a little so that was all she wrote.

Now, several years later it seems a new Crime Watch team is taking off and I will soon find out more about it so I can participate in it, that is, if there are no fees for membership and if it is located near my home. But getting back to needing more Police, I think it would be wise for our Dallas Police Department to at least send some Bike Patrol Officers to ride around in areas where there are known peddlers, prostitutes and public drunks hanging around. The fact is, I only see squad cars blaring their sirens speeding down the avenues at night, just at sundown and it seems to never let up. No matter if it’s a weekend or a week night, there are at least one or more patrol cars answering a disturbance and turning on their sirens as they pass by our house 24/7.

I think Wynnewood Village Shopping Center would be a great place for a new Precinct to be built for the local Dallas Police. There is already a subdivision there somewhere, but I think the best spot for a new Police Department would be where the old Montgomery Ward department store once was, several years ago, before they bulldozed it down and left the area a vacant field of wild grass and wild flowers. One of the reasons there have been so many businesses leaving Wynnewood Village Shopping Center is because of petty crimes like shop lifting and vandalism as well as in one case a gunshot in the front window of the once existent Big Lots store we used to shop at.

The Kroger at Wynnewood Village Shopping Center is still around and so is Radio Shack, but there are a number of businesses that have gone, mainly Robert’s Jewelery Store, where I used to get my watch battery installed for just under 6 dollars in less than 5 minutes tops. The Wynnewood Theater is gone, and gone is Pier 1 Imports, and Wyatt’s Cafeteria.

The crime in any area can destroy business and run property values down! So from what I can see and from what I will probably learn by my future participation with our local Crime Watch program, I gather there need to be more police visible on foot or on bike so they can send a message to gangs, prostitutes, public drunkards, peddlers and sickos who prey on innocent people and not to mention predators. These are the ones on my short list. I have a longer list I won’t bother adding at this moment.

So I rant a bit. But I need to tell it like I see it and if you like my post, then like it and share it. Maybe some more Police can get out the word that we are taking our city back.

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We Need More Police Patroling Our Streets, Seekyt
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