Wear the Best Job Interview Outfits

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Job interviews are the place where an employer reviews a number of different prospects for an open position and decides which one is best. This means that everything counts, including how to dress for an interview. Knowing the best job interview outfits are a must.

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Some people are under the impression that job interview outfits vary depending on the job. For an example, if you are interviewing as a contractor for a job you will dress differently than someone interviewing for a retail store sales position. This is not true. The best job interview outfits will say to the hiring manager or interviewer that you add value to a company, you take the position seriously and are professional.

Interview clothes for some people are jeans, sweat suits and even sneakers. These are definitely on the list of what not to wear for a job interview. At least 55% of another person’s impression of you is how you look. This includes everything about you including your shoes. Make a good first impression with the best job interview outfit.

What to wear for a job interview does not include showing all of your piercings, tattoos and spiked brightly colored hair. Pull up your pants and button down your shirt when you decide what to wear for a job interview to nab the position. Do not let your attire cost you a job you know you are qualified for.

It does make a difference what you wear during a job interview. This is especially so for a conservative business environment. Even if a position requires a uniform dress code, the best job interview outfits get the job.

If you have any question as to whether or not to wear it, don’t wear it. This means that if you “think” your cleavage is showing a bit too much-it is. Don’t wear the outfit and go with something else showing a little less cleavage.

Women interview attire doesn’t differ greatly from interview attire for men. Women don’t necessarily need to wear a dress or skirt. However, consider if you look better in a dress or skirt versus a pair of slacks. If so, put on a dress. Do you feel more comfortable in slacks versus wearing the dress or high heels? If both job outfits look acceptable go with comfort and wear the slacks. Comfort doesn’t mean looking as if you are going to clean out your garage. Avoid the yard work look at all times.

What to wear to an interview is usually the second question you ask after finding out you have an interview. Wearing the best outfit for a job interview is vital to making a good first impression with a hiring manager.

These are some basics to keep in mind for the best job interview outfits for both men and women;

• ‘limit your jewelry. This is especially true with body piercings
• Clean and neatly trimmed nails. If you wear longer nails make certain they are neat
• Neat and professional hairstyle
• Limit the amount of makeup worn
• Limit the amount of perfume and cologne
• Portfolio or briefcase makes the professional in you stand out
• Moderate and professional shoes

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