Web Hosting Services: How to Get Top Rated Service, Without Breaking the Bank

Hosting your website on a trustworthy and reliable website and still being able to save on hosting is not something that comes easy. The situation becomes even more complex if you happen to be a new blogger or a new website owner you – because you are probably not making money from your website yet. Nonetheless, you can save serious cash on web hosting without getting the feeling that you are sacrificing the quality of your hosting service. They are as follows:

Get a Hosting Discount Coupon

Before you sign up for your new host, find out if there are any hosting promo codes or coupons that you can use to get a discount on your hosting package. Almost every web host offers these discount codes to their customers. Fortunately, you can find almost of these types of discount codes on the internet.

However, it is highly recommended that you check to determine whether or not your code will last throughout the lifetime of your account. This is important because some discount codes last for just a month.

Downgrade Services

If there is a service that you do not need when getting a host for your website, avoid it. There is no need to pay for features that you do not need for your website. Most hosting accounts come with a wide range of features that include SMS notifications and monitoring. To save on hosting, come up with a list of important features for your website and then eliminate the ones that you do not want. If your website does not use many resources, then you should consider using VPS rather than using a dedicated server.

Use a Referral Bonus

Most web hosting services offer referral bonuses. This means that you will get bonuses or free credits when you refer friends to the hosting service via a provided referral link. You can also increase your referrals by placing affiliate banners on your website. Likewise, it is also possible to refer more people to your web host through the social media. This way, you will use the bonus provided by your web host to save on your hosting service. Some customers have gotten so good at this that they don’t pay hosting fees at all. In fact, if you’re good enough it’s almost like the hosting company is paying you!

Enter an Extended Contract

If you are confident that your web host is trustworthy and reliable, then there is nothing wrong with entering a long term contract with them. Most web hosts are happy to give discounts to clients who sign up for longer terms. Nevertheless, you should be certain that you’ve fully done your homework before doing. This will prevent you from regretting your decision later.

We’ve just covered several tips that can really help you if you want to lower your hosting fees. Just remember to make sure that you hire a reliable and efficient, cheap web hosting service to avoid affecting the experience of your website visitors.