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This is my honest webanswers review. Webanswers is a Google Adsense revenue sharing website that allows it’s user to post questions and answer questions to receive revenue. When you ask questions or answer questions Google Adsense advertisements will display on your content. I have been a part of webanswers for about 4 years. I have been active on and off during the 4 years.
I have posted over 800 questions and answered about 400 questions. My earnings are nowhere near what I would expect for the amount of time and effort I have put in. I have made about 400 dollars in the 4 years I have been a part of webanswers.
There are some members who claim they make upwards of 400 dollars a month from webanswers. This may be true but I would bet they are far and few between and probably spend 30+ hours on the website. I know the majority of what people are making is only pennies.
There are some hidden factors which might explain why I have such low earnings. It is believed that everyone is given a quality score. The quality score is determined by factors such as grammar errors, length of response and copy pasted content. Your quality score will be low if your answers contain a lot of grammar errors or spelling mistakes. Also only answering with a few words will cause it to go down. Unfortunately your quality score is hidden and there is no way to know what your score is.
The quality score is supposed to determine how often your advertisements are displayed compared to other people who have answered the same question. Perhaps in the beginning some of my post were not up to par and brought my quality score down so low that I will never recover. All I know is that no matter how many questions I answer and how many questions I post, I never see an increase in revenue.
Webanswers is simply not for me. I prefer to spend my time on websites that I will actually make decent money on. I would not recommend webanswers for anyone to try. I hope this webanswer review was helpful in your making a decision to give it a try.

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