Webbed Aluminum Folding Beach Chairs

About Webbed Aluminum Folding Beach Chairs

Webbed aluminum folding beach chairs are the perfect outdoor chair for you whether it’s an outing at the beach, a camping trip or simply just getting some sun in your backyards. Basically, this chair is not the typical type. It has several noteworthy attributes that you should know. With this article, you will have a chance to get to know this type of beach chair. From its advantages and minor drawbacks to tips on how you can ensure that you’ll be able to use it for decades.


Typically, webbed aluminum folding beach chairs have steel frames made of aluminum and weaved body part. Webbings can either be made of nylon, polyester or vinyl; all are resilient synthetic materials. Both aluminum and plastic materials are light weight. Furthermore, since plastic has expandable capabilities, this allows the chair to be folded. This contributed to one of the chair’s advantages namely portability.

In terms of size and design, you can either purchase standard sized beach chairs or you can also opt for the longer version which is the lounge beach chair. Most webbing designs are multi-colored but there are also available chairs that are plain colored. Either way, you have over a hundred of colors and designs to choose from.

Advantages and disadvantages

Aside from the fore mentioned advantage above, there are other advantages of opting for webbed aluminum folding chairs. First is its convenience or simply practicality of use. As you know, these types of chairs are not made for the sole purpose of beach outings. You can also use this chair during picnics, excursions, camping trips or any kind of outdoor activities. Since it’s lightweight and portable, you can easily carry it around or place it inside your vehicle’s compartment.

Second is affordability. Considering these types of chairs are very comfortable, you actually get more for its price. Most webbed lawn chairs or beach chairs can be availed for less than $50 while webbed lounge chairs for $65 to $90. These prices are for quality beach chairs.

Durability is another advantage of opting for webbed aluminum chairs. Although one minor drawback is rusting due to excessive moisture exposure, this can be prevented by storing you webbed aluminum chairs in a dry moist-free storage area. You can also polish it with some car wax or aluminum polish at least once a year to make it look brand new and ensure steel durability. What about its webbings? Due to the wear and tear process, webbings of these chairs may end up frayed or sagged. However, as of today, there numerous webbing replacement kits sold in home depots, hardware and gardening stores. Replacing its webbing is simple and will only take an hour or two.

Where can you buy webbed aluminum folded chairs?

Folded furniture like webbed aluminum chairs can be purchase at any furniture store or gardening stores in your area. You can also visit the website beachmall.com and sitincomfort.com for online distributors. If you’re looking for vintage beach or lawn chairs; eBay, Bizrate and Amazon are some of the reputable online sellers you can check.

With all that, you now have ideas regarding purchasing a brand new webbed aluminum folding beach chairs or repair you old webbed aluminum chairs to make it look brand new.