Webbed aluminum folding lawn chairs

Webbed aluminum folding lawn chairs have long been a staple of picnics and barbecues everywhere. The aluminum tubing makes the chairs lightweight and sturdy while the design allows the lawn chairs to fold down to a convenient to carry size. The webbing allows the slightest breeze to pass through to the skin at those hot fourth of July parties, or sand and water to drip through at the beach.

When folded, a webbed folding lawn chair takes up very little room in the trunk of the car or the back of the camper. Who hasn’t been at a picnic and wished they’d brought their own chairs? Add some nostalgia to the next picnic you go to and take along an old fashioned webbed aluminum folding lawn chair or two.

Caring for your webbed aluminum folding lawn chairs is a snap. Simply hose them off and maybe do a little light brushing on the webbing if necessary and they should be clean. Be sure to let them out in the sun to dry thoroughly. If allowed to remain too wet some of the none aluminum parts could rust or mold or mildew could develop on the webbing.

A true aluminum webbed folding lawn chair my be a little difficult to find today. Many of the webbed lawn chairs sold now are made with rust resistant powder coated steel frames instead of aluminum Any nick or scratch on the new steel frame chairs may lead to eventual rust, whereas an aluminum will have a frame that wont rust, but some of the parts may.

A wide range of replacement webbing is available, it can be found either locally or purchased online. The entire chair can often be found for sale on ebay, but you’ll want to keep an eye on the total cost of the item, including shipping. Even if you can locate a good aluminum frame locally you should pick it up. Replacing the webbing on a good old aluminum frame lawn chair is not difficult or expensive.

One of the reasons these chairs may be a little difficult to find is that many people simply threw them out when the webbing went bad. If you watch you can occasionally see these frames thrown out for trash and if you do, grab it quick. The price of aluminum for scrap has made it worthwhile for many people to pick them up and drop them at the scrap yard.

If the aluminum frame is bent, yes it’s recyclable. If the frame is good, it is an easy process to restore the aluminum webbed folding lawn chair to a vintage piece of patio furniture.