Website on a mobile, tablet, PC and TV

What does my website on a mobile, tablet or TV?. Today it is very important that a page or website look good on different devices regardless of their size and / or resolution. If you do not have a place to test how your website looks on these devices, you will correct and complicated as you improve your website, otherwise you will lose lots of visitors and potential customers if you have an online store.

There is an interesting online tool developed by QuirkTools called ‘Screenfly’ which is a free web application that will be very useful if you do web development. This emulator online site will allow you to test and visualize how your website look people in various devices, including mobile phones and tablets are being more widely used.

Its operation is simple because it uses a proxy server to emulate these devices while viewing your website. No need to add instructions as to use, you only need to enter the URL of the site you wish to try: Screenfly automatically detects URL and redirects to the website as viewed in resolution or device they choose. It would be advisable to test different screen resolutions, because if does not look good, people who visit our site first and never again return to our website.

Among the devices and resolutions that lets you try are:

Desktop: 10 ’12’ 13 ’15’ 19 ’20’ 22 ’23’ 23 ‘
Tablets: ViewSonic WiewPad, Velocity Cruz, Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPad 1 & 2, Motorola Xoom
Phones: Motorola Razr V3m, Motorola Razr V8, Blackberry 8300, Apple iPhone 3, LG Optimus S, Google Nexus S, Galaxy 7 ASUS, Apple iPhone 4.
Television: 480px, 720px, 1080px.